Suggestion: Change melee hand please

Finally starting to get a chance to play some. I have noticed that I melee from the same hand as my gun which seems a bit off to have her drop her gun, melee and pick it back up that quickly.

I understand meleeing with that hand while a weapon that boosts melee damage is equipped but not when your weapon is lowered to melee.

My suggestion is that when you do a normal melee attack without a weapon that boosts it, the animation should be you lower your weapon, melee with the other hand, then raise that other weapon back up. That seems more logical and able to explain the recovery so quickly.

I am playing with Amara.

Amara should straight punch with one of her phase fists
I don’t understand why she doesn’t do that
Her melee looks super lame
Palm strike can be effective but not destroying


I think she should melee attack with one of her astral hands. But I love that she does a palm strike. Buddha says “Dosukoi!”


She does with Find Your Center and Blitz skills.


I agree that Amara base melee animation is the lamest of all: Moze swings Rambo style knife, Zane digistructs claws, Flak uses a death scythe… and Amara… pushes back with her hand… lol

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So the other three have to use weapons and still can’t match the power of Amara’s bare hand, and you think her attack is the lame one?


I did say the 'animation ’ not talking about damage here

Results are important when considering impressiveness:

Also, Amara’s Phaseslam should be more like that.


i just think that the only character that is supposed to be a viable melee character, should have a melee animation that is somewhat enjoyable to watch because you will use it a lot
especially when fighting bosses, she cant always keep up her blitz i guess and she will bare hit them a lot

punching them left and right with her phase arms would look super cool

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Punches are boring. I’d rather see her do palm and/or finger strikes. Maybe the occasional flick.

I am not even talking about the animation they use for the hand, I am talking about the hand she is using.

She drops her gun, melees with that same hand, then raises the gun back like she dropped it and picked it up that quick.

A more logical animation would be to drop her gun and melee with the other hand, then raise the gun hand back up afterward.

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Why worry about something so trivial when there are still a ton of legitimate, actual performance issues with the game?
It’s not like it’s simple to completely change the character animations either. This would be a ton of work to ‘fix’ something tiny that isn’t even wrong.

if she used 1 of her phase arms, it would be the “right” hand xD

I LOVE that movie. Also…I nearly cried at that one line of Ellie’s in BL3…“All the left handed guns…gone.” I’m a southpaw, just ONCE I’d love to see someone in a game being a lefty for their weapon use.

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Brick would like to know your location


Nah, I ain’t falling for that. He just wants to bore me to death.