Suggestion: Change melee hand

Finally starting to get a chance to play some. I have noticed that I melee from the same hand as my gun which seems a bit off to have her drop her gun, melee and pick it back up that quickly.

I understand meleeing with that hand while a weapon that boosts melee damage is equipped but not when your weapon is lowered to melee.

My suggestion is that when you do a normal melee attack without a weapon that boosts it, the animation should be you lower your weapon, melee with the other hand, then raise that other weapon back up. That seems more logical and able to explain the recovery so quickly.

This is how it ended up working in BL2, so obviously someone at GBX noticed that! At this point, I very much doubt you’ll see a fix in BL1 - they’d have to redo character animations etc., and the game is rather old.

Crap, I meant to put this in the Borderlands 3 section, lol. My bad.

Was it Amara you were talking about? Because Moze definitely melees with her off hand. If it’s Amara, it’s probably tied in to the animations for her action skill.

Yeah, I am just starting and I am playing her.

When I melee, she drops her hand, does a melee attack with that hand and picks the weapon back up almost instantly.

Was Lilith and 1, Maya on 2.

OK, I’ll lock this thread since it’s in the wrong place, but if you could edit your post over in the BL3 section to clarify that you’re talking about Amara, that would be cool!

See thread in BL3 section.