[Suggestion] Character-specific Legendary Gear

As it stands, you’re able to unlock character-specific legendary pieces of gear by completing Character Lore Challenges.

My suggestion is the following;

If the way to acquire these items is the same for everyone, and (I think) are only issued once, then the reward (the Legendary piece of gear) SHOULD be exactly the same for everyone

I have nothing against RNG in the game, I also have nothing against RNG on gear. I do however have an issue with gear that is a 1-time thing (again, can’t confirm this, but I think it is) being RNG’d for people.
The main reasons I find it to be an issue is because this is a COMPETITIVE game. I don’t think somebody should get an easy advantage because they had better luck with RNG.
The difference between Character-Legendary Gear and other gear, is that EVERYONE has access to the Legendary gear through doing the same degree of work, why should their reward be better/worse than the next person?

Summary: If somebody puts the time to do the Lore and get their reward, they should get something as good as the next person who does the same degree of work. By homogenizing the stats of Character-Legendary gear the balance should be better in PvP.

I know I repeated a few points a number of times in this post, but It’s really hard for me to express this thought properly. I hope people get what I’m trying to say.


These character specific legendaries are tailored to the character. The stats are different because each character specializes in different things.

Take Toby for exame. His gear reduces his cooldown on skills. Toby is a planted artillery with high mobility for repositioning/escape. He needs low cooldown so his shield is ready if he needs to move or it is destroyed, and mines to slow down wouldbe penguinmurderers.

It also adds movement speed, which helps with that escape/moving thing. Positioning is super important for him.

The final ability (and the one that would be useless to everyone else) changes how his arc mines work. 2 mines that do 40%less damage instead of one allows you to put a larger field to hinder opponents out.

There are other characters that, although they could bebefit from these, would rather have something else. Ambra gains skill damage and heal power, which is perfect for a support character that heals and does damage while holding a position.

Oh, I dunno if I wasn’t clear; but I didn’t mean that.

Toby’s legendary’s stat v Ambra’s Legendary and its stats being different is Okay.

What I’m saying is that My Legendary for Toby should be the same as your Legendary for Toby. All Toby Legendary should be the same (stat wise).

My Ambra Legendary should be the same as your Ambra Legendary, and so on and so forth.

If everyone will be awarded 1 reward, it should be the same. Especially since as of now there is no way to “farm” these legendaries (aka get more than that 1).

I say this because, let’s suppose I take Toby into a game, and you do as well, we both have the legendary equipped and active…yet my stats happen to be a lot better…if we square off, I will have an advantage solely based on RNG (I’m assuming we both use Toby equally as good). You’re stuck with an inferior copy of a 1-time reward.


Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding. I didnt realize that the stats would be different between them.

Aye agreed if giving something that is only obtainable one time or very difficult to obtain again it should be similar stats to what everyone else will be getting for the specific hero to prevent u balancing the game due to luck and rng factors

Yep. RNG too stronk, pls nerf.