[Suggestion]: Character XP "Earned" at Rank 15 Should Not Be "Wasted"

I just finished getting my first character to level 15 (Ambra), and I noticed that all “character experience” gained at that point is “wasted”.

I just had two small ideas on how to “mutate” the earned experience into something useful, so it’s not wasted:


  • Character Experience earned at level 15 is transformed into extra Command Experience.


  • Character Experience earned at level 15 is transformed into extra Credits.

You could also use the second option for Command Experience gained at the maximum Command Rank (100).


I like the idea of the excess character rank going towards command rank, but it would have to be scaled down(not 1:1) otherwise players would just go 100 really quick by riding their main. The credit thing though I would go 1:1.

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Credits would be good, or alternatively pool xp into a progress bar towards loot packs. Maybe faction specific so you can get the skins/taunts you’re missing. Say you maxed Montana, any overflow xp would go towards getting a UPR pack


I like this idea.

Overall, I’d like if they did something or other for people at max command rank and max character rank. As it is now, once you hit max character rank there is no reason to keep playing that character since there is no progression or reward. I understand this gives intensive to play the other characters (which I have been) but also dissuades players from wanting to go back to them once maxed out other than for one or two matches as you feel like you are missing out on progression of another character.

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I can dig this idea

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I vote for credits.

Same deal when you cap command rank so there’s still some kind of reward.

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Totally dig the credits idea. I’m going to get every character to 15 someday anyhow. I’d like to be able to feel like there is a purpose to playing my favorites again other than just playing them.

This is a great idea. Make them commander packs, we only get those via leveling but when you hit CR 100 bye-bye commander packs :frowning:

A system like Diablo III’s paragon system would be nice, except without the extra stats boosts as this is a PvP game and obviously that would be broke as f…
Unlimited extra levels with a set XP yield inbetween each level that grant rewards but no stats changes, every 20 CR levels you could get a legendary loot pack while every 10 character levels you could get a commander loot pack for that faction, and credits or whatever else inbetween.


There was already a post about this:


and it’s on the suggestion megathread:

The consensus seems to be people would be happy with credits, as long as the same applies to command level, so you can continue receiving rewards for mastering characters.

As it stands, you’re getting less for mastering a character and continuing to play them, which seems counter-intuitive.


Yeah I’m all mad I maxed my favorite character first because now I never use her.

Maxed Thorn… still use her. Game isnt about rewards to me, its about the experience of the game.

But extra creds would be great xD


I use Thorn for big games, against full parties mostly, or just when I’m frustrated at how much I suck as ISIC and Shayne&Aurox and just wanna stomp a team solo :stuck_out_tongue:
Like last night, had a bad run on Incursion so soloed capture against a full party, wrecked them all and came from behind to win =D I like that about Capture, it takes a co-ordinated team to win on Incursion but you can shred on Capture and steal a victory on your own if you sweep the enemy team.

Well I just dislike any game that uses a level system for multiple things.

I.e. you maxed out the level of your “Ultra-Super-Missle-Death Beam-Surprise” weapon, but now you don’t wanna use it because your “Pea Shooter from a Reed Pipe” weapon still needs some levels! n.nU

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Agree. Both command ranks and character level should reward with credits upon reaching maximum level.
A credit for each command rank gained and 3-4 credits for each character level gained above maximum would be great.

I do not like this idea at all because it would just be a reason for people to stick with a certain character because it would get greater benefits rather than playing the character that is needed at that moment.

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That argument makes no sense.

Id rather they stick with the maxed out character they are good with.


Yup, I had this idea as well, so it must be a good one. Really wish I could earn SOMETHING for playing maxed characters, either loot packs or at least credits!

It makes sense to me and my opinion still stands. I don’t want to play a team full of damage dealers because they are all “good with them.” I would rather have a tank and healer in the mix regardless of if they are a pro with the character because there is almost nothing on that team who could tank damage or sustain damage.

It’s all about making a team that works and that requires roles.

This whole thing is an amazing idea and i wholeheartedly support it.

Once you hit character level 15 command 100, as i have with several characters now, you get nothing out of PVP except a poultry amount of credits. You stop gaining loot packs from exp level ups and dont really gain enough credits atm to really earn gear packs if im playing PVP, and i dont wanna spend all my time repeating the same missions over and over just to get packs. the grind for legendaries can take its toll on the enjoyment of this game.

I’ve played the sentinel mission 11 times now, and not a single legendary for any of the 3 bosses have i earned. taking on average 40 mins to safely complete advanced per run, thats a LOT of time i’ve invested for no return of legendary gear.

Being able to earn extra credits now im maxed out in PVP, which i adore, would allow me to buy epic/faction packs with a chance of legendary gear from a limited loot pool, i fully understand and support that the onyl way to get certain legendaries is to fight the bosses that drop them. But dont make PVE the only real viable way of earning gear for those of us who love the game enough to have maxed command rank and have fully mastered characters.

I very much support the idea of character rank translating to credits. Especially since character rank tends to not be very high, so it would be rewarding without being unfair to anyone else.