Suggestion: Chrono Key's 7% heal power stat changed to something else after huge nerf

Since they obviously noticed it was being abused by huge damage dealers, they changed it to 2000. Now its worthless to both damage dealers and healers.

After changing it from 500 damage a tick to 2000 damage a tick, this item is CLEARLY no longer intended for healers anymore.

A lot of you probably dont care, but for those of us who spent countless hours farming advanced for this, it would be nice if the heal power was switched to something useable.

I would be happiest with skill damage, but sprint speed would probably makes the most sense, given the item name and description.

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Yeah, I wanted this Legendary for my Reyna build, but now there’s really no point. By the time I’ve dealt 2000 dmg I probably have my CDs down already, anyways :'p

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Oh noes! I didn’t know they changed it. :cry:

Item looks real Eldrid-esque, so prolly HP or HP regen to tack on (thematically).
That said, I’d love to see Skill Dmg on it.

Either or, the 500 to 2k change really hurts the item and only furthers my opinion that Legendary activation costs should be in the 1300-1500 range.

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I saw a post where someone said the costs should vary just like with every other piece of gear. The stats can vary - that should effect the price. And some legendary effects are far more useful than others - so the effects should have unique costs too.

Wow, that Is kind of awkward. I’m not sure any character can put out that much damage and have enough healing to bother with that secondary effect. Maybe Galilea if you specced Desecrate with the heal field? Or an offensive Kleese with healing chair?
It should be changed though, you’re right.

I think the price range it is in is fine though. The price increase over an epic is about what, 2 turrets or one heavy bot minion? In return strong attackers, especially if they’ve got AoE and focus on wave clear, can easily knock out 2 or potentially even 3 seconds from a skill. That’s a huge increase compared to cooldown reduction gear. It’s not for every character, and it needs to be worked with, but it definitely pulls off results that are worth the price. Just needs that heal strength changed.