Suggestion: classless MODs

So I play a lot with Amara. Amara has some nice CQC skills like personal space and others that make shotguns great and there are a lot of great shotguns that can be used. I have wanted to create an “all shotgun” type build but it’s just not possible with the ammo limitations.

This issue got me thinking how cool it would be if there were some universal or “classless” type MODs that allow for particular configurations and could be used by any of the Vault Hunters. Imagine a MOD that gave various bonuses for equipping all slots with the same gun type (akin to the matched set skill for Moze). It would greatly increase ammo capacity for whatever gun type is equipped to make it viable and then other semi-generic bonuses that all VHs could make use of.

It would make possible some interesting builds like an all shotgun Amara build or an all anything Moze build (working well with Matched Set). It might even make snipers and launchers more viable. With greatly increased sniper ammo I could maybe even see an all sniper Fl4k build? An all launcher melee build with Amara or something (I don’t do melee builds so don’t know how well that would work honestly)?

Other ideas could be applied to this framework as well. It would be interesting to see how each class could make use of the same MOD but in different ways from their skills.

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Honestly I was expecting this game to have something like this. I’m all for it.

Sounds like a suggestion for better relics/artifacts to me. Without the class skill bonuses, it just doesn’t seem like a Mod. But interesting bonuses like suggested would be far better for me than slide/slam modifiers.


It could still have bonuses just not class specific ones. As for artifacts. I have an artifact with +shotgun damage which would be great for an all shotgun build but using it for one gun isn’t as interesting IMO. As for all the slide/melee/slam bonsues…I agree. They aren’t that interesting to me so I do wish they would change/improve those.

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