Suggestion: Consumable Boosters

It would be awesome to get one-time use items like XP Boosters, Credit Boosters, etc.

These would fit outside of the realm of the gear/mods. While gear/mods are generally applied as methods to tweak your playstyle and characters - Boosters could be one-time items that are consumed and grant a boost for the next match you play. These boosters would not affect your character’s strength, but only assist your own end match xp gain, credits received, etc.

Players could receive boosters randomly through play, in gear boxes, shift codes, or even purchasing through the store. Boosters could have multiplied effects during events like the XP event recently.

Just a thought as another way to tweak progression and another bit of loot to look forward to using - what do you think?

If you have to click on them to use them then I’d say no. If they are auto consumed then it couldn’t hurt. I do feel that there are more important issues to fix in game that I’d spend my time on as a developer rather than creating more fluff.

I totally feel the choice to use them would be a major part of this system. That is, you should click them, similar to choosing a loadout to use. Having the choice to say, “my trusted team is on now or it is Xp boost weekend - I’m going to maximize my gains by enabling this booster now” is more interesting than a random buff that automatically is activated. Besides the fact that event days to some extent already cover the automated method. I think there is room for both which I even stated originally in mentioning how the functions stack.

I’m not sure how auto consumed would work. If you are rewarded multiple of these, does it just consume them all for the next match - does it just consume one randomly? I completely think the choice being in the player’s hands is more interesting. Battleborn is heavily about giving the player choice on how they play and providing interesting strategy both within a match and to a metagame level as well. I think choosing a booster to use adds to that philosophy.