[Suggestion] Crafting of Gear

What I always have thought Borderlands was missing was a way for Gear crafting. Even if it is as a money sink. Gear is already a collection of mods so it shouldn’t be hard to allow breaking down gear into parts even each part could have different rarities or values which then leads to more customisation.

If there was customisation like that is in the latest Cod it would be amazing building a gun for fun and craziness it would fit the Borderlands world and just be insane. Weapons could look very silly yet have cool function.

You could even restrict crafting to a certain location which then would store your parts in a bank there. While some creations may not be useful in combat you could still make things that are fun to use.

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It would be so simple to add a station for this in the existing game. Have a Crazy Earl type character who mans it.

My idea is he would only sing all his dialogue, which would generally be restricted to “I want to be your everything”. I’d call him Andy Gibb and his station would be called GibbED. The ED would be for “erectile dysfunction”, which clearly our guns are suffering from.


This sounds like a great idea @Jefe maybe they could introduce the rest of the Bee Gees in the DLC’s to offer the full experience.

Each one could specialise on certain weapons with Barry of course only dealing with the high note items.

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If I remember correctly, Andy wasn’t in the Bee Gees. If that’s true then that means the Bee Gees are available to serve at another station.

Beware! Bad joke be here!



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Yeah Andy was a solo Artist before his death at a young age so was never part of the official group though he did do quite a few appearances with them :slight_smile:

and haha to your link ^^

This was a really nice tribute they dedicated to Andy.

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