Suggestion: Create an update page in the Battleborn game

Currently, a players only ways of noticing that the game has changed is to see the icon in the bottom right say it has (but updates thappen enough where it’s hard to tell when it’s new), you find out in a match, or you’re active in the forums/Reddit/bb website.

Understanding when a new update occurs and exactly what those changes are, are imo, incredibly important to being able to play effectively and to appreciate that problems are being fixed. I suggest you add a page somewhere, under extras or something in the menu, that describes the full changes that were made in an update. Anytime there is a new change, that tab gets the “star/something new” icon on it. Hell I’ve seen active forum members and Reddit members ask multiple times why their voxis core went grey after it was announced and discussed in a battleplan.


The splash screen every Thursday of the Battleborn Battle Plan is not the best solution, I think it’s the only thing they could work so far.

At least put the date of the last update in the title.

Either put the date or use a different picture. It took me three weeks to realize it was Thursday’s because it’s always the same.