(Suggestion) Create new VH at max level at TVHM mode

I think we should have an option to create new VH automatically at max level ready for TVHM. It should be an option because I understand some people wanna start from scratch but some don’t.

Unfortunately for me to create multiple VH at max lvl with com and artifact slots enabled and access to Mayhem 10 and Takedowns, I have to complete the campaign multiple times. It’s tedious.

How many times I’ve completed the main story? 11 times.

  • 7 Mozes
  • 2 Flak
  • 1 Zane
  • 1 Amara

I got 1 more Amara, Zane, Flak that are max level but hasn’t completed campaign. I’m not even including mules. I probably have earned some rights to request this feature. For now I’ll suffer.

Here’s a preview of my char screen.


You know ive actually thought of this but way back when BL1 was hot off the press. It kept popping back in my mind once in a while through 2 but figured i was the only one. Would be nice to have the option but maybe only after a complete run with each character. So if you use Amara then have the option for her but just her, something like that. But yeah it seems like a new idea they could look into.


You can download save files. On PC you can, atleast. Console wise I’m not sure how that works.
Anything to not go through at that “sup”“sup”“sup”“sup”“sup”“heykiller”“heykiller”“heykiller”“heykiller”“heykiller”“heyvaulthunter”“heyvaulthunter”“heyvaulthunter”

Better yet, make TVHM a mode in which all of the story missions are completed so you can start a new character and go leveling and farming. Adventure mode rather why-would-I-even-bother mode

I forgot to state I am on CONSOLE only.

Edit: Loading times are worst also. However it was my conscious decision to go with console because if I go PC I will 100% hack the game. Console stops me from doing that though I can try but I wont.


Yeah, plus sharing save files is ToS so.
No face no case!

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Listen pal what people don’t understand if gbx didn’t want you to hack or mod or whatever they would’ve made some way to prevent it like every other game that doesn’t want you to its been a year and they haven’t implemented some sort of sanity check or anything.So play on pc and go nuts it makes the game way better then it really is trust me. Also don’t be a ■■■■■ and mod then join up with randoms keep it to yourself or with friends.