Suggestion: Double prefixes as an artifact. Would help variety

Pretty much the title. Theres so many prefixes that are great and if you could have two itd be awesome.
This excludes the pearl which is a the normal go to artifact and already adds insane damage. Personally i think they should nerf the pearl and add a prefix to encourage diversity.

Every prefix should be its own legendary artifact that drops from something and should be able to have another prefix.
Itd keep its normal 3+ random stats.
What do i mean? How about a Atom Balm berserker

Hot drop icespiker. Last stand knife drain etc. Etc.

Theres alot of underused artifacts which cant have a prefix which would see use outside of niche builds of they could have a prefix also.

Electric slide electric banjo anyone? Cutepurse lunacy

My personal would be a icebreaker snowsdrift

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what about double suffix? :v
deathless lunacy XDDDDDDDDD

I’d like any combination to be possible. Basically have one list with all of the current prefixes and suffixes on it. Parse them out to various bosses for “dedicated” drops (we know how well that works, but it might help). Then allow any two affixes to be rolled on an artifact.

What if the same thing comes up twice? Well, either:
a) It can’t happen, reroll until something different comes up.
b) Let them stack. But this might make things either OP (Atom Balm Atom Balm?) or meaningless (double Deathless? Unless you get 200% shield).

As for the unique artifacts like the Electric Banjo, maybe they could also come with an extra affix, but that would probably make them too good.

Like the idea but it should exist an area or enemy or mode that specifically drops double affix or double suffix artifacts. If we do this to world drops it will be near impossible to get the relic you want.

What if we just had 2 artifact slots? Then players could mix and match as they prefer.

Each affix (current prefix or suffix) would drop from specific enemies, similar to the current system. Only the prefixes would be added to other enemies.

Farm the enemies you want to get the artifacts you want. Probably have to rebalance some of the abilities.