Suggestion: epic loot pack for mvp

Right now, having highest score doesn’t really rewards you in any way and i think that adding a loot pack for being the best in your team can be a really nice addition. A title for that can also be cool.

On a side note, the current score system doesn’t reflect that much who contributed the most to the team so i think the score system should be improved before any kind of reward system is implemented.

That will discourage team play in a team-based game.


Support characters would never be eligible.

There’s already a challenge, at least on meltdown, for finishing with a top score.

They are talking about reworking the score system to better reflect minion kills and objective play, so once they get that going, I wouldn’t mind seeing a reward for getting the top score.

This right here. I play support almost exclusively (even have right nehind you, with max assists being 34 in a game). Despite this, I am never top scorer since kills are weighted at twice assists.

I would be very upset to watch rewards be showered on the people who would not have survived to get said score without me.

(Note: I do not begrudge people getting higher score than me, nor more kills. I just don’t want my work rewarding others. Call me selfish if you must.)

Wouldn’t mind if it was just a random chance of getting any loot pack if your team won, as it stands to progress in gear you need to farm story.

The point-mongering base of players who just push kills & points in no regard of teamplay is already big enough, I don´t see the need to push this anti-team behaviour any further with rewards like lootpacks.

Totally agree on this.

This would just make support chars even more underappreciated than they are now. Your team carries, if you want to carry as well just be a part of your team .
Theres no need to be the best in your team, is important to be the better team as whole.

There was a great topic of a fellow gamer who took the time to plan out a better Score-system which is fucusing on objectives & teamplay. I´d pick this evolved scoreboard over any loot pack!

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