Suggestion: Filters for guests and their actions

After being ripped off by a couple of dungholes in final boss’ lootplosion in Pre-Sequel, I started thinking something that’s been brewing in my head for a while: Shouldn’t the host have more control over what his quests do in order to ensure a fun game for everyone? And I came up with a solution that might work. Filters.

First, there should be a filter for the kind of characters who can join your game. If you only wanted certain classes or levels to join your game, that’s all you’d get. But it also shouldn’t kick players that already are in your game so if you got, say, one Zer0 and you wouldn’t want more you could just block Assasin class.

Second, you should be able to filter your guests for doing certain actions, like taking loot, buying it, turning in missions, picking them or commiting mission objectives. The first one would certainly be useful against loot ninjas. The host could just take everything himself, and trade it with other players to ensure everyone getting their fair share. And the mission filters could make the game more organized.

Naturally the host’s filter options should be seen in the matchmaker and in-game guests would be updated of changes. Also it would be great if these changes could be put in the Pre-Sequel too. (And BL1 if you’re feeling really generous. :blush:)

Feel free to add feedback!

I don’t play with randoms, only people I’ve met through these boards, and my game is always set to friends/invite only. You won’t always know what someone is like ahead of time but, if they’re ninja looting and generally being a pain, you can simply unfriend/block them. That’s the way it works on console anyway, so there isn’t really any need to reinvent the wheel.

I prefer playing with people I know too, but they aren’t always available, let alone four at the same time. It’s better to take whatever company you can get, all I hope is a little more control on what they can do so few bad apples won’t ruin the whole group’s fun. Besides, even if you kick the loot ninja who just took all the good stuff, it’s still lost. Wouldn’t it be better to prevent them taking that stuff in the first place?

Well yes. Unfortunately, that would require a major overhaul of the game to allow instanced loot, and that just isn’t going to happen. Maybe in BL3…

What do you mean by instanced loot? If you mean filtering it by brands and such that wasn’t what I was talking about. I meant disabling guests grabbing stuff in general! In all honesty tough I’d probably wouldn’t even use it that much myself. Probably only after boss battles to prevent some jackass of taking all goodies and ditching off.

Hell, if this filter thing never sees the daylight I’ll probably have to resort in kicking guests after boss battles. But since I’m not a total dick, I’d just grab all the good loot, send them friend requests, invite them back and give everyone an equal share, but it would be a lot simpler just by disabling their loot-stealing abilities for a while.

Instanced loot is when everyone has a different drop on their side. As in, you would have a vladof pistol drop, they would have an anshin shield drop.

I agree with ACNAero on this one. While I like your ideas, @Jubamon, I wouldn’t expect them to see the light of day until BL 3, if then. Instanced loot might be a better solution. Torchlight 2 had this and I think it’s great: if you find something your buddies might be able to use better, you can trade it to them and visa-versa; no more worrying about ninja looters.

Agree? I just told him what it was, not that I liked the idea or not ;p

I haven’t had my coffee yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

This instancing business sounds good, but yeah it probably won’t come around until possibly BL3. Now I’m not an expert here, but filters disabling certain lvls/classes joining and guests doing certain actions doesn’t sound that complicated to program if devs just bothered to.

True, but BL 2’s life cycle is over. Hell, we haven’t even gotten any new hotfixes since last June, so I wouldn’t expect anything new to come down the pipeline for this game. Maybe in BL 3, but not for this one.

It would require some fairly significant changes at the level of the game engine, which could well have unintended consequences. There are already bugs related to joining on-line games that are seemingly impossible to eradicate, so this would not be good. If it also increased the absolute size and memory footprint of the game while running, it would be a no-go for consoles, where the game already pushes the absolute limit of what can be accommodated. It’s not the kind of change you can simply retrofit to an existing game; it would have to be built in to the code design from day 1.

You shouldn’t be able to limit what people can do in multiplayer, it would just make it pointless to play with anyone

Hey if preventing jackasses stealing everyone’s loot and spamming side missions makes it pointless, then so be it.

I like the idea, I just don’t expect it to happen. Who knows? All we know about BL 3 is that it’s being worked on so anything’s possible right now.

I’m not sure filtering would be the best answer. Adapting to different players and the characters that they choose to play is a part of the co-op experience. Filtering would also be based on a lot of assumptions about players based on the character they play. Take for example, Salvador. Sal gets a bad wrap because some players run around all the time off-handing a Pimpernel and RL and one shotting everything. What if I play Hoarder Sal? That’s helpful to the team and far less antagonizing but you would never know if you filtered out all Sal players. Or what about a FotF Krieg? You may hate endless novas going off in your face and simply filter out all Krieg players when there are many that never even use FotF.

My point is that filters can be too discriminatory, to the point that you’re going to have a hard time finding anyone to play with because you’re operating under a set of experiences that are often biased towards bad experiences with a character type rather than good ones.

Now as far as players being able to turn in or accept missions, a simple toggle on/off would be an easy solution. If you trust the players you can keep it on, if not, then turn it off.

I think the best solution would be to check the online play section here and look for like minded players. :smile:

This is one thing I would like to see in BL3. Even a well-intentioned co-op partner can goof up occasionally :flushed:

That’s pretty much what I meant by filter. As for your concerns over rejecting certain classes, that can pretty much be done already by kicking unwanted characters who join. Blocking them in the first place would at least spare time for everyone. Besides like I already said, I personally meant it just to prevent more than one of any class joining.

Very few people go around and “spam side missions,” and if they do you can just kick them out of your game… As for stealing loot it’s really not a big deal given how generous the community is and how easy it is to “spread gear around”