Suggestion for a little fan service DLC down the line

I know that they said that they are not likely to make DLC vault hunters but I think, and i hope others would agree, that down the line when they are done with all the campaign DLCs and the game is starting to get old, a really nice thing to do would be to release an “Old Faces” DLC that includes all the old vault hunters that are still alive revamped to play as in BL3.
My favourite vault hunter so far remains as Krieg and i would love to see him with tweaked skills and two more action skills to wreak havoc in BL3 and marvel at the new
and improved gore.
This will obviously make no sense in lore as there will be a player controlled Zer0 and an NPC Zer0 but it would be a love letter to veteran players who want to play as their old favourites again with the shiny new graphics.


That could be a lot of fun if Gearbox had the time and resources. Since they’d be obviously not canon, the returning VHs could have some pretty hardcore meta dialog, which has a lot of comedic potential.

It’d probably be fun to even include the dead ones; if there could be two Zer0’s, what’s stopping this hypothetical DLC from letting us play Roland (with his BL1 personality since that’s what he had when he was playable), Maya, Nisha, Wilhelm and Aurelia? Imagine playing the original Aurelia and having her dialog and personality stay true to her character in TPS. She’d be throwing shade all over the place, especially at her BL3 counterpart.

Also, random bonus: have the original VAs for characters return. Roland, Mordecai and Claptrap all got new VAs at some point, and it could me entertaining to give them their original voices.

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