Suggestion for a mini-DLC

So, in year 1 of game release, we get 4 big DLC’s right lovely. But what’s after that? another 4 big ones interjected with events and more takedowns?

Tbh, I don’t think gearbox will keep going on the strict schedule of 4 big DLC’s interjected with events and such for more than 2 years after release. So, here’s a suggestion for a mini-DLC for later down the line:

Borderlands 3’s vehicle system, in a word, is awesome. It is simplistic but also can be mastered.
The cars all have weight and each one feels unique. The technical feels like a battering ram on wheels that you can powerslide to heck and back with. The outrunner feels like a brilliant off-road vehicle that can zip around and jump great distances. It also handles the best for me. Finally, the cyclone is the vehicle that does best on straight flat ground and with correct parts, it feels like you’re going at the speed of sound.

This has bugged me about the game because, with such a fantastic vehicle system, the maps aren’t very vehicle friendly if you want to have a race with mates or just drive around. They probably planned to have some kind of races in the game but scrapped it or planned ahead.

Either way, why not have a mini-DLC based around racing? The denizens of a planet could be obsessed with racing in a mad max or crossout style world and you enter yourself in a gladiatorial race to get to the top and win a big prize. It could also take you to the planet’s moon and the race will have a lot of jumps and ramps to take advantage of the low gravity.

In addition to new legendaries, gearbox could add new car parts as rewards in the death races. What about a booster that is just a bomb on the back of the car that punts you forward in exchange for some vehicle health, or a weapon for the cyclone that lets you grapple onto other vehicles or the environment so you could swing around corners or be car-spiderman.

In short; Gimme a good place to drive my vroom vrooms around, please.

why wouldn’t u play a racing game then

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