Suggestion for a new game mode: Anyone up for a "bombing run"?

What would you think about a “bombing run” mode next?
The one player with the “object” (not necessarily a bomb - I would suggest a shard generator or a very special minion), gets a slight speed and/or healing boost but isn’t able to attack. That player has to get the object to the target zone.
It is possible to throw the objects to other players. At those moments, it would be possible to miss the player or having a player from the different team catching it. So, you probably only would try to get rid of the object shortly before you die.
All this takes place on a slightly bigger map/terrain which is designed to have multiple possible ways to get to the other side.
This should give the other team a possibility to take away the object.
On both sides of the map we’ll find a minrec volcano surrounded by jump pads where you have to throw the object in mid-flight to get points for your team.
Optional it would be a possibility to add certain structures which need to build and kept to power the jump pads. This would give another option to prevent the opponents from making points.
Also, map alternatives are possible:
Maybe throw a weird kind of whatever into a small varelsi portal hovering above the ground.
Getting a Core or CPU for an A.I. entering a place like the one where we fought ISIC and have the target zone there?
I think that would make a great challenge for a variety of team-play options and gives another possibility to have different roles when playing multiplayer.
(BTW: Would it be possible to connect players searching for a match directly to running matches with different player count? To fight a losing battle is not very satisfying and most of the time you will either fight very long to not give away an easy victory or more players will leave/give up. I really think this could have a nice touch after you really made process with the matchmaking times.)
Just thought I would put in my two cents and see if I’m the only one who would like to play this mode. :slight_smile:

Best regards
Enceladus :slight_smile: