Suggestion for active anoint notifications

I’ve been thinking on this one for awhile and I believe adding notifications for active anoints would be rather simple to implement. All of the on screen elements are already in place. We would only need outlining to indicate anointments are active.

There would only ever be 3 active at any one time:


When a shield anoint is active the icon above the shield bar could be outlined or the color changed


The Grenade icon box could be outlined when a grenade anoint is active. This would also work for Zane, but it would just be that action skill box, or even whichever action skill threw the grenade (clone/drone).


The Weapon icon can be outlined or lit up when a weapon anoint is active.

This could even be fleshed out a little more with decaying timers on the outlines, dimming effects, etc. Maybe a counter for consecutive hits anoints. Different colors for the different anoint types (on ASE, while action skill active, when thrown, etc).

Anyway, just a suggestion and my two cents. What does everyone else think?