Suggestion for an uncomplicated, non gear specific Moze build?

Little under the weather and struggling to have a good time with Moze. (Take that however you will.) Level 10 currently and need to level her some to free up overall inventory space. Can anyone please point me to a basic, solid build that doesn’t require too much overthinking or farmed-to-death gear? Any serious suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Here is a fairly uncomplicated, class mod-agnostic build. Start leveling on the green tree or red tree until you get to second tier. While you are doing that, hit every ammo vending machine that you see until you find a grenade with the ‘tesla’ characteristic – shock is probably best, but cryo and rad are also good.

Once you have that, spec down the blue tree until you can put one point into Vampyr, then stop. This will boost your ammo and grenade regen substantially while unlocking Moze’s only health regen skill. Once you’ve done that, pick up Redistribution in the green tree and fill out the red tree until you hit level 50.

I would stay away from Thin Red Line until you get your hands on a legendary Bloodletter class mod as you will have trouble keeping your shields up without its special effect. The Bloodletter and Blaster Master class mods are pretty powerful, but they aren’t the end-all-be-all. I’m actually a pretty big fan of the ‘Marksman,’ ‘Shield Maiden’ and ‘Tactician’ class mods, as they buff your best skills like Scorching RPMs (boosts fire rate and crit damage), Armored Infantry (gun damage and damage reduction), and Phalanx Doctrine (boosts gun damage and shields).

As for guns, there are lots of options. Vladof and Torgue guns probably synergize best with Moze; I’m a big fan of the double Bezoomy assault rifle (Vladof) and Duke pistol (Torgue), which can be found at all levels of rarity. Also keep an eye out for Atlas assault rifles (the N, V and Q Systems) that use tracker darts as these synergize well with Moze’s regen skills if you can land the darts on an enemy’s crit spot.

EDIT: fixed the skill tree using bl3zone


Thanks so much for this! I’ll load her up in a bit and let you know if I have any questions but this is good stuff. Much appreciated!

I’m generally the type to respec often and just build around the strongest stuff in my inventory at the time. While leveling the sort of things I kept in mind were:

When you’re looking for better survival keep going down Shield of Retribution, I tend to agree with @roboteconomist about staying away from thin red line early on. The later skills in the tree (mainly Phalanx Doctrine) balance shield of retribution out nicely to be good at both offensive and defensive.

Shield of Retribution is pretty gear agnostic which helps while leveling, all you really need is a good capacity shield everything else is free pick.

Demolition Women is an amazing tree endgame but is very gear restricting while leveling, if you have some great torgue weaponry go for it but be aware it doesn’t benefit much else in your kit. Although if you want to have fun with Iron Bear then this tree is your go to.

Bottomless Mags is great as an all round weapon buff. Getting a point into Redistribution asap will allow you to run much more ammo intensive guns. Redistribution combined with Vladof AR’s and Snipers is a treat that I highly recommend you try. Seriously Redistribution is amazing!


Great info - thanks as well!

Hmmm, am I the only one who can’t see a build in the link posted by @roboteconomist ?

No, the skill trees have been down for about a day now.

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Thanks, so it’s not just me :wink:

3 versions of no gear needed moze builds:

  1. Soldier, any weapon, assault rifles recommended, vladoof even more recomended, dhal also really good. You have increased fire damage so any fire weapon will do even more damage with this build.

This offers good gun damage bonuses, rewards quick offensive playstyle due to kill skills and with the right weapons you will eventually melt bosses like any other build.

Note that if you want you can go full vladoof gear (minus shields because there are no vladof shields) to benefit from some INSANE magazine size (that translates to even more ammo regen).

If you dont want a single brand in your loadout you can switch the points in “Matched set” for 5 in “Cloud of lead”.

  1. More of a tactician type soldier, adding grenades to the mix, taking your time (if you want) to plan ahead the battles, this has no kill skills so you can play defensive.

This one offers grenade regeneration, even more ammo regen, and the same fire weapons concept (not mandatory, you just do a bit more damage with fire weapons thats it). You can remove 1 point from “Stoke the embers” to add “Auto Bear” if you want, i dont even have Iron Bear assigned but its there if you want, and Auto bear is kinda usefull… sometimes.

Note: Its extremely important to note that i placed 2/3 points in thin red line, and NOT 3/3, thats vital to avoid losing the health gate so you can benefit from the Tenacious Defense capstone, the health gate activates at 50% hp, so if you have 40% reserved you still have 60% active, that means if 1 big hit goes through your shield you instantly get Tenasious Defense because damage cant 1 shot you if you have the health gate, it can 2 shot you tho, but Tenacious defense gives you shield back. Very solid build, if in the fugure you get that broken overpowered gear everyone is using you can just add another point in thin red line and go for full shields with a dealthless artifact.

  1. The Jack of all trades Moze:

This is the one im using, i play hardcore and had no problems with it, but i admit its far from the overpowered thing you see on you tube with all the legendaries and stuff.

This does everything, throws grenades (dont crit tho, still decent damage), regen grenades, regen ammo, really good gun damage while mobbing, not that great for bossing i must say, but you can solve that with just 1 overpowered weapon if you want, even the layuda. You have health gate so you benefit from really cool shields that are out there, you dont need them per se, but if you happen to come across a stop gap or something like that, you can use it perfectly and will make you really sturdy.

Recomended gear, again, full vladoof set, including grenade, all fire weapons and grenades for added damage, but if you must, you can remove those 3 points in “Stoke the embers” and go for some Torgue loadout, there are allways a few Torgue broken weapons out there, but i dont enjoy explosions that much, i like fire rate and big magazine sizes to spray and pray.

3 version 2 (with iron bear): Since they buffed Iron Bear health by 50% (its still crap tho) you can enjoy it a bit more now, this is the jack of all trades moze with iron bear in mind, note that it plays the same as build number 3 but you also have iron bear by sacrificing a bit of your tankiness, also note that iron bear is beast mode for the leveling process, once you reach mayhem its underwhelming as fk…

The only problem with this build is that you feel like you are doing so well, that when you eventually reach endgame the fact that iron bear stops becoming usefull its heartbreaking, so you have to change the build, or wait for Gearbox’s big patch that will eventually fix Iron Bear (hopefully).


Are Tesla grenades no longer called that in this game? I didn’t tend to use them much in 2 and haven’t yet come across anything that looks like them (now that I’m specifically looking for them, of course). Thx!

They’ve changed the way they indicate a grenade’s traits in the item card — it is the grey text under the damage and radius.

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thanks @dellacha19861986 for taking the time and typing this up…
i am currently finishing the side mission on normal/mayhem to try and get me to 50 with a shield of retribution build but find it kind of… boring, so I want to try out different stuff and your post gave me some ideas.

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Thanks. With my other toons I’ve mainly been playing around with legendaries and anything longbow/transfusion so I haven’t always looked that closely at the fine print. :blush:

My experience with Moze is that while leveling she does best dipping into all 3 trees. Iron Bear is pretty good while leveling and Moze also has some really good gear neutral skills early in her trees. Here is what my early game build looked like and it seemed to work no matter what gear I came across.

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Thanks for this. The little time I’ve had to play her so far this week I’ve found that I’m mostly using a straightforward play style and using Iron Bear as a rescue if my health gets too low. Not always ideal (especially with mostly greens & blues) but it’s gotten me to Jakobs Estate. I’ll compare skill trees when I load up next and make some tweaks. Thanks again!

Should have done more originally than a “like” but thank you for taking time out to put this all together. Lots to think about and approaches to try out. It took me years to learn a lot of the BL2 synergies and I wasn’t totally thrilled about having to relearn a significant chunk for the new game but I appreciate the responses and knowledge being shared. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed!

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Some people would think it’s Kind of a coward move for my part But I mostly let Iron bear do the work for me since it’s got a great build for those who have seen it it’s called the Teddy bear build It’s mostly wear iron bear is capable of mowing down enemies while you can sit back godless and watch the main him