Suggestion for better loot rate


GBX plz don’t look over the crappy annoitments, remove them from the game (sliding,airborne, fire rate, reload time)
Even the new heal pool and dmg reduction sucks. We need dmg annoitments on our weapons to get to m10 and then to survive on m10.

And when you turn on mayhem mode there shouldn’t be white an green items, there is no way to use them. These items make no sense an this difficulty .

Ps: and plz remove world drops from dedicated loot pools. This would be awesome.

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i legit cant understand why heal pool is a thing when u can use LS 15%

I would assume the usefulness becomes in multi player or for putting down a pool, stand in said pool then switch to the weapons with damage anoints and put the hurt down with less chance of dieing.