Suggestion for BL3: Armory

So, as I’m sure many of you, like myself, have a slight hoarding problem, I have a sugegstion for BL3. Can we please have an armory instead of a bank? It’d be like a bank, but accessible to every character you own, regardless of who you are currently playing as.

All my characters are named for the level range of the gear they have been designated to hold, but sometimes I remember I have a certain piece of loot that I forgot to transfer to the correct mule. Plus, it kind of sucks if I’m hosting a game, get some decent co-op partners, and then have to quit the game to switch to a different character’s bank and transfer over all my stuff. I also have to switch over all the stuff I just used to a third character. It’s very tedious and time consuming.

This also becomes problematic when I want to switch more than 4 items at a time (which is quite often).

Only problem I can think of right now is the loading time to access it since in my case it would have to load up about 500 items. Or maybe it could already be pre-sorted and have tabs to switch between guns, grenades, shields etc.


So basically make claptraps secret stash much bigger?

Not quite. It’d also be great if they made the bank accessible across all characters. Also increasing the amount of items it can hold to accommodate this. But yes, a larger stash.

Claptrap’s secret stash was accessible to every character, wasn’t it?

The thing is, Claptrap’s stash is profile dependent, not save dependent. Same would apply to your idea, which would bloat the profile data.

This shouldn’t be an issue with next-gen platforms and even most low-midrange PCs.

I’m on board with the idea of an Armory. Especially if BL3 is going to be as large as GBX is aspiring to make it, it would make sense.

Check, expand on the idea, make it accessible to co-op partners. Consider the following:

Your buddy can’t get his hands on that uber-awesome shockproof shield he needs to complete his build. You happen to have picked one up and decided to hang onto it for the possibility that you may use it on another toon in the future (i do this all the time).
The armory would have a “shared” and “not shared” section, maybe you would need to specifically mark the item to be held in the “shared” section…

So instead of rifling through your saved items, withdrawing and trading/dropping it for your friend, he can check through your “shared” items and take what he wants…
Better yet, add a permission dialog so randoms can’t come in and ransack your shared items to grind/sell etc. Give the permission dialog a “perma-ban-for-this-session” option so you don’t get spammed with requests, interrupting your game.

Honestly, @kritchie2023, a fantastic idea you’ve started.

@gbx, take notes, we’re giving you a butt-stalion sized gem here!

Fair enough.
Sorry if I sounded harsh about this idea. Overall I really like it. Makes twinking items to other characters easier.

I didn’t read any harshness, you’re head is in the right place to consider the technical limitations.

That being said, BL3 is a blank canvas and I hope to heaven GBX does it right and proper - take suggestions from the people playing the game and run with them. I’m not a dev by any stretch of the imagination but think it’s safe to say “The sky’s the limit” with BL3.

And honestly I can wait 3-4 years of that’s what it takes to make a bang-on slap-happy-toilet-humor filled rampage that’s both incredibly addicting in the gameplay department and eridian-inspired in the co-op organization department. Lol

Yes, I’m one of those fanboys. Borderlands 4 lyfe!

Lol ok I’m done.

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