Suggestion for developpers and comments

Loved the game and after more than 200h played that’s where you feel that there’s a lot of stuff to improve if you want to keep you’re player playing you’re game.

  • Reviving mechanics is horrible you should not try to point to make the prompt appear you should have a circle on floor around the down player that makes the prompt appears.

  • What’s the purpose of eridium in the end game exactly any other use than buying skins??

  • Money is totally useless in the end gamd

  • No daily mission? No weekly mission?

  • mahem modifier that says 30% reflect felt way more than 30%! Feels more like 100%

  • Skipping cut scene indeed like everybody.

  • Need loadout saving slots

  • Need character stats page : resistance, critical damage ect.

  • item scores is totally useless just delete it or find a real way to calculate it.

  • VFX vs FPS is totally unplayable in a 4 player.