Suggestion for DRM release

Hey Devs,
I hope i am in the right forum for this suggestion. Recently i rebuilt my pc and with the design of the cooling system, i had to forego having a disc drive for the radiator space, now unfortunately that means i can no longer install any of the original homeworld games from disc.
I do own the homeworld remastered from gog AND on steam (Had to support the devs) but in all honesty i am a traditionalist, i prefer the original releases.
So i thought, why not suggest a drm release of just the original classic homeworlds on gog ? for the purist fans of the series. Just the original Homeworld 1 & 2, to install as if using a disc but not needing a disc drive?
The remastered versions were great and brought some new fans to the homeworld universe, but a classic release would be something us old school players would be happy to have, it would be a smaller download, use less installation space and faster to navigate, quick and easy to install just without the discs and patches.
Due to the small size of the classics, people wouldn’t have an issue with hardware space (having to uninstalled to install a new game and vica versa) it wouldn’t need to be multiplayer compatible like the remastered version, just the campaign and cpu skirmish mode for people to enjoy. There would be Homeworld players out there that would have foregone buying the remastered because they have a disc drive and the original discs, but this would eliminate the issue of not having a drive and getting the games without needing the remastered version (as i said the old school players would enjoy it)
I thought since you have everything already made (Except maybe a launcher) it would be a nice addition to the series, a classic pack if you will.
Thanks for reading!

Moved you to hopefully a better spot. Also paging @Noelle_GBX on this, since I’m not sure on what all the existing arrangements on this title are.