Suggestion for fixing/improving FL4K's 'Leave no Trace'

  1. Restore ‘Leave no Trace’ to pre-Hotfix status,
  2. but make it the capstone skill for the hunter skill tree

As it is ‘Megavore’ is frankly meaningless, given that you have 100% crit chance with ‘Fade Away’. I can maximize my ‘Fade Away’ uptime and gain way more than what ‘Megavore’ offers under best circumstances. A capstone skill should be extremely valuable that you can make builds arounds, which ‘Leave no Trace’ is or was before the hotfix.

With making LnT the Hunter capstone, I still can’t reach it if I want to skill up my Stalker tree before any levelcap increase in the future. You will actually be forcing people to make innovative damage builds rather than trying to force them to use the Master tree, which is utter garbage.

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This is perfect and I completely agree.

I say make the retrigger delay .25 seconds and call it good. While adding one second back to guerillas in the mist