Suggestion for fixing level scaling issues for BL 1, 2, and 2.5

Now i know many people won’t care about this because they just like racing to the end game, but for those of you who think the game itself should be just as fun as the end game here are my suggestions for Borderlands 1, 2, and 2.5,

The main problem i have with loot based games is my gear ends up being outdated long before i have a chance to optimize it for my level while being over leveled at the same time. There is a solution to make the game tougher but also allow a player to gear up for the challenge. Allow us to cap our level to the level we want to be while still earning exp as if we were over leveled. For example you are level 8 but want to be level 6, but while you are capped at level 6 you still get an exp penalty which might put your uncapped level at level 9+. If i could play these games this way i would have so much more fun looking for all the best gear for my level and farming for items. With the limited inventory space it would help if higher level equipment would scale down to your level so it’s at least usable while your holding on to it.

Could you imagine watching people speed running through Borderlands with a game mode the locks your level based on your lowest current quest level (maybe -2, -1, +0, +1, +2)? (being able to temporarily “abort” a quest could allow a player to adjust their level on the fly)

Another change i would recommend is allowing us to reset missions (without the exp reward, if it had been completed). This could respawn bosses (like nine toes and his pets) and chests that go along with that quest in game without reloading your save file. This would mean that people could repeat the claptrap quests until they got the SDU for it perhaps after reloading the zone with all the enemies, otherwise you can just give them the grenade mod i guess is the other reward.

The only other thing i’d like to see is maybe some form of weapon/shield/class mod crafting/upgrading that would require parts/scraps/nuts/bolts or whatever from higher level enemies than the weapon/shield/class mod you are trying to make. Maybe this could be a unique way of using parts from different manufacturers to make some amazing weapons/shields/class mods but maybe not the best. Being able to craft gear that’s good enough to earn the best weapons/shields/class mods along with some skill.

Even if we only got the level capping ability that would be huge but being able to reset missions with their chests would be a nice plus. Those shouldn’t require too much effort but i can see the crafting/upgrading being a bigger deal. I bet if you came out with a free update with the first two ideas and a crafting/upgrading DLC for like 5-10 dollars so many people would want to check it all out! Even if you just start with borderlands 1 and see how well people like it.

I’d also like the see the ability to control which characters have there badass rank linked or not and to be able to exclude deleted characters progress. I know that means you may have to remove some buffs from time to time but i don’t mind.

I hope Gearbox reads this as i think it could fix a lot of things for them allowing more players to play their games the way that they want to.


As far as crafting goes, well that’s a crooked letter that can’t be made strait. What I mean is…that’s just not borderlands. Obviously the weapon generation system has been hugely successful for gearbox…it’s what put borderlands on the map. It’s why people like me are still playing it 10 years later. Crafting has no place on Pandora. (Or any other planet we may yet visit)