Suggestion for future addtion and DLCs

Hi everyone, nice to “meet” you all. Has an old Borderlands player ( I’ve been playing borderlands since BL1 ) I’ll start by saying THANK YOU Gearbox for BL3!! G… it’s an outstanding game, a probable game of the year!!

I would love to suggest a few add/ tweaked that could be made in the future to just enhance the life span of the game, and by saying that, I would appreciate if the community do the same!

1 - Guardian Rank should be infinite… just put something like the percentage can’t be a number lesser than 0,01%.

2 - Some skill’s tree should be tweaked, cuz most of the players play in the hardest difficulty available, so there’s a difference between “HARD” and “Challange”. Action Skill should receive a “flat” modification related to Guardian Rank, like a “plus +10” flat dmg per rank, or something like that. This would make any guardian with Rank 1000 more relevant than a Guadian 10.

3-Adding more monsters and enemies are better than increase Life/Armor/Shield.

4 - Add a “set as junk” when checking an item on the floor. This would speed things up!!!

5 - Add a “skip cinematic”. PLX

6 - When playing online, the marks made on the map (custom waypoint) should be available to every other person !!

7- Give us back the Dummy Robot in Marcus Shopz, I would love to test some Legendaries and changes in my skill tree on them… It’s more practical and easy to add.

8 - It’s more fun playing with other players in MH1 than MH3, cuz it’s taking too more time to kill a mob that the game start to feel slow and not so fun.

9 - Make Purple weapon statistic better than Legendaries!



bring back maya by artifact or vault


Agreed. Here’s a link to my original topic on this. There are a ton of good posts about it here as well as a link to an initiative to get Gearbox’s attention. Lets get this out there on social media, see if anyone is willing to make some videos about it, and let them know. Story Writing, Continuity, Story Direction, Spoilers

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