Suggestion for future seasonal/time limited events (Hardcore player perspective, mostly endgame)

Ok first off, this is my first thread I’m making myself (and my native tongue is not english I might add), so bear (or is it bare? sp?) with me.

I’m all for seasonal/time limited events for sure, but some things needs adjusting for future events imo.

At first I ranted about this event (Bloody Harvest), I’d be the first to admit that, all the skulls flying around all the time (and them being cryo resistant), no way to turn it off, etc… But I accepted it and adapted at one point (this game is too much fun to not play it and just say ‘■■■■ it, I’ll wait till this event is over’). So I’m running a terror build on my amara atm and its pretty bonkers. I have pretty much all BIS gear to cope with all the ■■■■ going on (I pretty much don’t have the handling/accuracy penalties and can handle most of the modifiers they throw at me).

That being said, I still think these events should be kept out of end game stuff like Slaughters and Proving Grounds. The events duration is just too long to keep in endgame activities. If it was like 1-2 weeks I wouldn’t have a problem with it, like none what so ever, but doing SS for 6 weeks straight with all those skulls flying around is just too much if you ask me. Getting hard to handle modifiers is one thing, but the constant barrage of getting bad ass skulls that slow you to a snails pace is just to much to handle. Thank god they adjusted the Badass Rocketlaunching Zealots a bit (can’t wait till they adjust them further in future patches, like they mentioned in this weeks hotfixes). It’s already a big improvement imo.

So my suggestions:

  • Keep events out of end game activities. I imagine we still gonna see these skulls in the upcoming Maliwan take down free dlc (can’t wait for that tbh). Can’t wait to see what that will bring haha.
  • Maybe make seasonal events optional (like many before mentioned before me) in the future.
  • Loot: BIG IMPROVEMENTS since last hotfix! I’m finally getting Fearmongers and Ghast Calls at good pace (finally got me a Cloning Ghast Call, and some decent x8 Fearmongers since the hotfix!), so keep drop rates for these events like this.

I was in the middle of testing some builds out on my Fl4k and my Moze when this event hit, but there is no way to test out new builds atm, with all them goddamn freaking skulls messing with my testing! So I have to hold off with that till after the 5th of december! Pretty dissapointing for me!

Also, I’m a guy who like to test his self, and I can’t right now tbh. I finally got my Amara build going, got my gear I wanted, and was looking forward to clearing some SS and PG in the fastest time possible, but, again, I have to wait now till the event is over.

So, maybe consider some points made above in the future @gearbox !

Thnx for reading!
Peace, Vince

I agree, they really just needed to make the event not interfere with normal gameplay, and it would have been much better received.

I’d prefer it to be optional. I like having ghosts in SS, it makes it slightly less of a cake walk. Once we get the test dummy it shouldn’t interfere with testing.

Ya I’m down with optional. So if you get the quest off Maurice then you have ghosts until Haunt is dead and the Hex portal is closed.