Suggestion for improvement - Geyser jump pad

It is a simple addition I would love to have on Alani’s “Geyser”-skill and that is: “If Alani or an ally is above the groundswell, when it erupts they are launched into the air.”

This would add an interesting mobility component to the skill, but I also know, that the counter argument would be, that it would become a trolling tool as well.

My counter-argument wouldn’t be that it would become a trolling tool, rather that it could unintentionally detriment the team. It would prevent ranged characters from landing their shots, melee characters from closing the gap to their enemies, allies in trouble from escaping efficiently, and give enemies an opportunity to reposition or escape. There’s more, point is I think this would be a detriment to the team by adding an unwanted pseudo-CC effect to your allies.

And limiting it to only Alani?

Bind is already limited to Alani and that’s fine, I don’t think that limiting an effect like you’re describing to one character would be a bad thing I think a friendly CC would be a bad thing.

[quote=“Slif_One, post:4, topic:1540752, full:true”]I think a friendly CC would be a bad thing.

Especially considering that one of the first level helix options is “Heal allies who are hit with your Geyser”.

It’s an interesting idea for mobility, giving her a kind of double jump-ish thing, but it would be absolutely horrible to play with.

I think it should be a helix choice. That way if you want it, you can have it. It does make sense though. If a giant geyser shoots everyone up in the air, why not you too?

Also it would be nifty escape method for high ledges in PvP

suggestion for improvement, heal your teammates alani players. It’s like the old ambra, players just using their healing for themselves. Nothing more frustrating than running back from an engagement, to an alani that stands and watches you as you get burst down by an Oscar mike nade. It’s pathetic the level of play the average alani brings to the battleground. Sure, a good alani is great and awesome to play with. But damn do those exist anymore? Oh yeah, they do but they’re on a team in a group of 4-5. Please can we have back competitive mm. This is a joke as it stands. Every match someone is quitting after being afk for the first minutes, dying once. More important than a broadcast mode is a report feature. The playerbase is killing the game on console. There are no fun games because it’s never balanced. I don’t want to play with level 1s on my team or against. It’s not fun. Because it eliminates the team element. They don’t know how to control themselves, let alone in conjunction with team mates. It’s ■■■■■■■■. Because then they quit instead of trying to learn and do it again to another game. The worst part is the selfish, jack of skill heathens that harvest the crap alanis and new players. I want to report them too. These are the kids that surrender after their first sentry is touched. The playerbase for this game really sucks and damn is it shining through alani of late