Suggestion for Legendaries based on Destiny 2 exotics

Greetings… I am a huge Borderlands fan but instead to farm legendaries every 5 or 10 levels why dont keep in the inventary the legendary than you find forever no matter the level than you are just a mínimum level to use it (example. level 15 some legendary guns and armors).

It is just my suggestion and/or opinion.


not a chance in hell. That’s literally the opposite of what borderlands is about.


Becuase that’s not how borderlands works. You upgrade gear, out level stuff, farm stuff if you want. It’s all about seeing and using as many guns as possible


Yeah, let’s not.


Seconded. Or, fourth’d, rather. Borderlands is not and never will be Destiny, and that’s the way it should be. Borderlands doesn’t need to pull itself into the formula of a flawed looter-shooter. Looting is a big part of the game, and anything that gets in the way of that- Such as a lazy mechanic like legendary saving that you can just buy back whenever- is a concept that shouldn’t be added.

If you like Destiny’s mechanics, play Destiny for them.


So are they suggesting the whole thing on Destiny 2 where you can basically level up a gear piece you really like by feeding it other higher level gear of the same type?

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No, the feature in Destiny 2 where you have a “library” of exotics so that once you get them, you can buy them back from the catalogue. And yeah, the leveling it is another feature that would be really hard to add properly, but at least leveling gear has a way that it could be done in an okay-ish fashion.

Oh the collections thing. Maybe a display case on the ship or trophy room. But I don’t think I’d want that whole buyback thing to get a version close to your current level. However I suppose having an in game checklist of sorts to keep track of what you’ve found would be nice since I usually try to collect them all.

Yes, having a list/catalog would be nice (with BILLION entries! :slight_smile: ). It would be somewhat depressing too - I’ve never had a single pearl weapon…

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Im coming back to BL to get away from that game. This is my baby and it needs to stay just the way Gearbox has designed it.

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No, one thing we don’t need is another Destiny clone. I love BL’s for the reason some others have said. You collect new and better gear all the time. The fun is in using different weapons every time you get something new. Keeping and vaulting the same weapon/gear over the course of your leveling will ruin BL.

Yep I never had a Pearl weapon either , on level 30 you have to kill Hyperius several times to get this coins that 5-8 levels later Will be useless.

I’m not sure where this train of thought went- But for one, loot isn’t meant to stay relevant for that long. Pick up some new stuffs and give it a try.

Second, Pearls are meant to be rare- After all, they’re the highest tier of rarity, and most of them are powerful to that end as well.

Yeah, IMO I would just like an in game accessible checklist of legendary, pearl, whatever else they add over purple to the game just to easily keep track of what I have actually found. No spoilers tho just leave it like a list of ??? that show nothing until you find the entry.

So long as it doesn’t have a function that lets you retrieve them, an in game catalogue Isn’t something I would mind.

The whole rebuy thing from Destiny is something I forgot about because I never use it so yeah I don’t need or want that either. Just a checklist is all that I’d want.

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