Suggestion for QoL improvement: sell all items not marked as "favorite"/loot items as "trash"

Obviously this isnt a high priority but its nevertheless something that chaps my hide. Call me a “loot hoarder” if you want, fact is I have real problems with leaving tons of blues and purples lying around after I cleared an area. So I make the effort to pick up vendor trash guns for the money and to be able to see something (especially useful in arenas).

Whats irritating is that I “have to” go through my inventory before I access a vendor machine to mark everything I dont want to keep as trash so I can sell it with one click. In order for the one-click feature to make sense (because its supposed to be a time-saver) it should sell everything thats not marked to keep. Otherwise it doesnt save any time as it requires me to mark items beforehand. Its just busy work I have to repeat for every full load of inventory and with the amount of guns dropping on M3 (most of them vendor trash) it does cost a LOT of time in addition to running around and collecting them in the first place.

Or…add another hotkey to looting which allows us to mark items immediately as trash when we pick em up. Kind of like the auto-equip from holding E. This might be the better solution as selling everything which isnt marked favorite can lead to all kinds of frustration and irritation. This would require a conscious decision and action on the players part but wouldnt add to the initial workload (looting).



TPS did that very well. I don’t know why they changed it in BL1 Remaster and now we have the same crappy mechanic in BL3.


Yes agree. Makes a lot more sense to me to mark ones you want to keep as you will only need to do that once, then have a button to sell anything not marked. To me the “mark as trash” feature is redundant as it just doubles the workload and you may as well “mark” them at point of sale.


Was coming here to make this exact suggestion. I think the best implementation would be a hot key to pick an item up as a favorite and then have the sell all function apply to everything not marked.


I just want to be able to see what is in the lost loot without it all being dumped on the floor in a single hard to sort pile.

In addition to that, can we register the cosmetics we already have with the lost loot machine so it stops consistently trying to give me what I intentionally leave behind?

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there is a further bug where the pictures overlap when you view while selling/marking. I have to double check the buyback to make sure I haven’t sold anything I really wanted to keep.

yep, a minor point of irritation but nevertheless its one. All those 1$ cosmetics aka “waste of space and time”. Cant destroy them, if you drop them they ll come out of the lootbox, you have to carry them to the next vendor machine and sell em in order to get rid of them.

Am suffering from that often as well. Hopefully they will improve this with their continous efforts for performance

Are you sure? I always understood that the loot box only worked for things you don’t pick up. Once you do and then subsequently drop them then they are ignored by the loot box. Is that not the same for cosmetics?

It is.

I gonna have to pay attention to this. I know that I drop cosmetics I have already to the ground and I still get cosmetics out of the lootbox, could very well be others I didnt previously pick up and drop again tho.

I would also like the default when hitting the keybind (default: R) to be favourite first. Currently it’s trash-first, and I rarely want to mark things as trash.

The auto-mark-on-pickup also sounds good though. I often pick stuff up knowing I’m going to be selling it.

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That why sell non-favorite is better option than sell all trash items.

I usualy leave things I’m yet to test unmarked, and then mark as favourite or as trash once I tested them.

So I would say its best to have 2 options at vendors: “Sell trash” and “Sell non-favourites”.

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Maybe, but when you are in end-game and have let’s say 5-8 spots for new gear, its faster sell all non-favorite and buy back what you want to keep.

I think the best way would be to offer a hotkey upon looting to immediately mark as trash, regular looting would result in unmarked and the favorites we are going to pinpoint manually anyway

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