Suggestion for the Phoenix Heart artifact

Let’s face it, the phoenix heart artifact is basically useless. There’s several skills as well as a guardian rank perk that do the same thing.
Since the whole thing is based on the Phoenix, a fiery mythological creature that is reborn from its own ashes, how about the following:

1: After receiving a second wind, gain +80% bonus incendiary damage for 15 seconds (after that, 30 seconds cooldown)
2: Deal +120% bonus incendiary damage in FFYL
3: FFYL duration is increased by 30%. You no longer incur a FFYL duration penalty after being downed repeatedly. (also, there’s still the old effect where you always get full health after a second wind).

I think for an artifact like this, a damage component is important because there’s generally better survivability options than just FFYL bonuses. Those numbers could of course be tweaked in order to balance it.