Suggestion for view/movement

Will there ever be a way to change/toggle view type from first person to third person? I feel like I am playing the game with one eye closed and an 8 inch pipe extending from my other eye. Being able to switch to third person would greatly help the feel of vision/movement in the game.

Also, collisions in the game are ridiculous. Stubbing my toe on a 5 inch tall minion that is actually a foot to the side of my toe, that isn’t even in my field of view, seems absurd. Makes more sense to slow movement when there are obstacles than it does to say that tiny objects that I’m not even touching are somehow preventing my movement. This game feels more like a blindfolded obstacle course than anything else.

Also, Montana’s legs are like 4 inches thick, so why is it that he can’t fit between a 4 foot gap of obstacles that are below his waist?

They are working on patching some collision issues. I would love third person and have asked for it as well in a previous post but I don’t think they planned on it. Battlefront and Division do 3rd person really well and both are shooters. Battlefront actually lets you toggle from 1st to 3rd at any time. Let’s cross our fingers.