Suggestion: FOV fix

Is a fact that of most people who play Borderlands don’t like the FOV used in this game, because independent of what FOV you choose, when you aim or run will get a annoying FOV causing a fish eye and if you keep running by a long time may cause dizziness… this one happen to me.

I suggest to use the screen FOV (same used on options) on run and iron sight without telescopic sight.

It’s simple, 1920x1080 FOV 102:
Run without increasing FOV, wim with iron sight and red dot with FOV 102.

If i use 90, do it to aim and run.

Another thing, if possible, add better SLI support for Boderlands 2 and BL: TPS. <3

Borderlands too, it need some love. “Sorry, my english is bad.”

I don’t know how it’s a fact when you only have your own opinion/experience to back it up. I play the hell out of the Borderlands and am perfectly fine with Battleborn’s FOV.

This was discussed pretty endlessly when the game came out, and there’s actually a really cool Inside the Box article on this. There’s a lot went into the FOV choices.

The short story (and this works for me very well) is that your physical distance from your screen is just as important as the game FOV when it comes to experiencing nausea. So you could try moving further away from your screen.

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I wonder what FOV everyone’s running now that we have a choice.

Mine’s set at 86; still fairly low but it gives way more info than the default of 70 without looking weird (to me).

I spent two days trying different levels until I was happy.

PS3 ?

Nah PS4

I’m on the PC so I’ve always had the FOV slider in BL2/TPS and my preferred FOV is 100 - 105. It would be so nice if we could have a FOV option in BL though, that 70 FOV makes me feel sick within 10 minutes of playing which is a shame because I love the game first game and the old tweak program for it doesn’t seem to work anymore.