[Suggestion] Game Mode - Match of the Day

I consider myself a regular player of another MOBA called Smite, and this suggestion is mostly inspired from that game.

Match of the Day, where every new day, the map changes and includes various game-changing conditions and effects. One day, you might be playing on Overgrowth and the only hero you and the enemy team can pick is Oscar Mike, and the next day might be Temples and everyone gets 80% skill cooldown reduction. I think this game could really benefit from a game mode that is completely random and offers things people sometimes ask for on the forums which they’re not getting in the existing game modes.

Some suggested ideas for MotD:

  • Unique heroes is turned off (ex. Players can select the same hero multiple times)
  • Only one random hero can be played (ex. All Rath or all ISIC)
  • ‘Dynamic Duo’, only 2 random heroes can be played (ex. Only Ambra and Boldur)
  • Hero is randomly selected for the player
  • Only heroes from one faction can be played (ex. Only Rogues)
  • Faction vs Faction (ex. Jennerit vs UPR)
  • All ability cooldowns are reduced by 60%
  • Players can only use their ultimate, and their cooldown is reduced by 80%
  • Items in loadouts are 100%-500% more effective
  • No minions spawn, but can purchase multiple elite bots at 50% reduced price
  • All items are free to activate
  • All buildables are free to activate
  • All minions are free to purchase
  • All items, buildables and minions are free to activate
  • Hyper minions, staggeringly more health and damage
  • Hyper sentry, mounted turrets 1shot players and has a massive amount more health and shields

MotD is designed to be a wacky and fun mode, where all bets are off and players go in looking for a fun time rather than something more competitive.


+1, I’d love to play something like this

I’ve gotta say this was probably my favorite part of Smite when I played. It certainly could be a fun idea. It’d also really help people out with the Woodsworn lore for Boldur (or lore for other characters).

It would be cool and fun. Also it would be cool to see an actual ARAM like mode get implemented as a permanent game mode.

Yes please!

Well… I don´t really see why its fun to make anything free and reduce cooldowns on everything… Maybe its just me, but I only see the image of a huge funless chaos which would be done & over in under 5min. :hushed:
I mean, even MarioKart-titles have some restrictions and challenge… if I´d apply all ideas from your list on BB theres nothing really left but to kill & die at instant.
This fun sure fun for the killers, not so much fun for the rest. Not to mention playerskill, which would be more or less rendered useless?
(BB is not Halo, I know there are games were missing skills/cooldwowns/restrictions lead to higher playerskill, but it could backlash in the opposote direction imo.)

Though I´like the ideas of Faction vs. Faction or a mode with “5xchar A” vs. “5 x char A.”

I say: It would be great to test this “Match of the Day”-mode someday, because its either total fun, as most others here see it, or it would be the most unfunny thing since WW2.

So yes, love to test a mode like this, hopefully to be wrong with my above stated opinion^^

PS: I only referred to the cooldown & building points on your list, the idea itself is neat :heart:

I like the idea a lot, and would also like to propose something along the same vein to supplement this: extra rewards for less-played maps and modes.

For players like me that want to play, for example, Echelon, it is frustrating that people so rarely vote for it. So, what if Gearbox each day set double rewards or something like that for playing a map or mode that is lagging behind? It would incentivize participation and might let some people who want to enjoy these maps and modes do so.

I can see that being possible, only if the rewards go to “first win of the day” on that map. If you doubled the rewards on those maps for the whole day, people would only play in those maps in order to milk them purely for the bonus experience.