Suggestion: Gear Forge (craft our own gear)

I hope what i say can make sense

Borderlands the pre sequel had a thing were we could craft our own gear with RNG chances involved

i think in BB something like this is needed im sick of being at the mercy of RNG

my thoughts how it would work there would be two slots to put items in ill call them Primary and secondary

in the primary slot you put what you want the base stat/gear to be so a ammo clip with reload, the secondary slot item you put in lets say a sword with attack speed as its primary stat will then be transferred over as the new items secondary stat. so your new item will be a ammo clip with primary a reload stat and secondary attack speed buff

this of course all reduces the new items gear stats

but that doesn’t sound good, but let’s say you repeated this again and created two items with the same primary and secondary stats, now if you put these two items in the forge since they are both the same it will now create a new item with slightly better stats

hope this idea is liked, im sick of getting most of
healing received
skill boosters
recoil reduction

and so little of what i really want reload, attack damage and attack speed

The issue with crafting is any loot that drops becomes worthless if what you can craft Is better than what drops. You might as well get rid of all items from mission rewards and have only crafting materials drop.

No game has done crafting as well as Star Wars Galaxies where the entire economy of the game was run by Players with a crafting profession. Look at what happened in The Division with their crafting system. All of the “raid” and “boss” loot became worthless and eventually broken down by players into crafting materials because craftable gear was way better.

So we either we farm for materials and craft items or we farm for gear without a crafting system.

you would need to get said gear as loot first before you forged them into something better.