[Suggestion] How would you feel about manufacturer expansions?

We have a lot of guns in this title, and damn is that variety felt. But I was thinking recently about how many things didn’t carry over from previous titles. Hyperion pistols, Bandit [now COV] SMGs, Tediore and Maliwan launchers, etc. I’m not disappointed by the lack of these gun types by any means, but that doesn’t mean I’d be against them coming back as some form of DLC. I think I’d definitely be willing to pay for upgrade packs in the same vein as the UVH upgrade packs from BL2 that added in new types of guns to the manufacturers, maybe bringing in new legendaries that are added to the loot pools as well. And I don’t mean just weapon types from previous entries, either. Tediore snipers, anyone?

I feel once the full campaign DLCs are over with they’ll be giving us smaller DLCs to extend the life of this game even further, and I think this could definitely be a cool addition. Of course it would probably be quite the undertaking, so the possibility of this is probably pretty low. But hey, hypotheticals are always fun. Also I really miss Maliwan launchers. Like too much.


I’d rather they be added in future dlc’s instead of head hunter type packs. I don’t mind paying over and above season pass for cosmetics, but guns kind of rubs me the wrong way. I wouldn’t be totally against it though.