Suggestion/Idea for future Takedown/Raid events

So with the Maliwan Takedown event just around the corner, I wanted to give an idea for future similar events, that I think other players will enjoy.

For the next Takedown/Raids, make so that we can do them with the help from previous vault hunters.

Ex: A Takedown that require us to defeat a powerful bandit warlord somewhere on Pandora, and we get to join Salvador in going after him.

This could give an opportunity to bring back characters like Salvador, Athena, Axton, without the need to worry about shoehorning them in the upcoming DLC campaigns, while also making sure you don’t need to get any of them George R.R. Martined in the process, plus it would be a way for players that don’t like playing with other players to get a little extra help on the side.

I personally think this would be a pretty cool opportunity to let us fight alongside characters we played before and it would make those events much more fun to do IMO.


i think they should only be invovled in story dlc. i’d rather my raids not have much story beyond “shoot those things.”

It’s an interesting idea. It could involve storylines explaining where the previous VH were too, but shouldn’t depend too much on them. Maybe ends with unlocking the raid boss.

As DLC it might work as long as it doesn’t slow down the game.

one of the most irritating things about this game is needing to wait for an NPC to finish talking or to walk somewhere and you are stuck waiting for the process.

Is it really that hard to do what most games do and just let you keep advancing with a key press?

Don’t tell me BL2 was the same because it wasn’t even remotely close to being as bad as BL3 with the moments on the ship where you have to wait for Lillith and then the Calypso twins both to talk before you can advance.

In BL2 I remember Roland doing a dialogue scene where he tells you to talk to Claptrap but be aware Claptrap may not be helpful. You can talk to Claptrap which will instantly stop Rolands dialogue and lets the game preogress. BL3 doesn’t do this and it ruins it by slowing it down so bad.


I agree with you, it shouldn’t slow down the pace, or feel forced. If most of the mission is talking, what is it doing in a looter shooter?

To elaborate further on it would be neat to be able to choose them as ‘companions’ like a hireling for the events. You can put in a request at the bill board (lets say you run take down with one friend) so you put a hire for 2 and system will randomly choose axton, gaige, sal, zer0, brick, mordecai, or hell yea krieg! So if you wanted to solo it you’d have the option to hire 3. (can use I dunno 10-100 eridium per hire) Will last until you log out. Companions can go anywhere with you but as if other people have joined, mobs will scale to fit how many companions joined.

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That could be an interesting mechanic, it’s just never been done in a BL game though, so I’m not sure how well it would be received. I don’t think it’d be good to just use them as a way to get loot without actually playing though. Part of me is against it because it might make the characters seem like cheap NPCs. We don’t need to turn our beloved vault hunting veterans into cannon fodder or Skyrim’s Lydia.

With how things work out with the AI anyway, you’d be doing the leg work. The matchmaking system is horrendous and I would much rather pay eridium for a hireling. It will put eridium to use as a sink, and plus be a bonus for people who can’t play online much have the option to play coop with bots.


I see where you’re coming from, and it would be pretty cool to join classic characters in a fight. But, maybe if it were limited to a specific area, like in Circle of Slaughter, it won’t be as open to exploiting. Imagine doing that during the campaign. You could hire Brick whenever you want, and just snipe as he tanks. Even during Hammerlocked. Two Bricks?!

Make them single player.

It would benefit users that want/can play in teams, and folks like me that play alone. The reason I play alone is I would only drag the team down. That and at my age group I don’t have a lot of friends that play video games.

Till now I just don’t do raid bosses. I hope all the DLC isn’t just raid bosses. I want something like Claptastic Voyage, or Tiny Tina’s Raid on… or…

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I think this is a great idea! I would love to play along side some of our previous VH pals. I’m pretty much a solo gamer and this would add some nice variety.:blush:

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played all of the previous games and fully expected the addition of those ridiculously buff raid bosses/ other more difficult content like it. So, I’m not saying every event should be scaled to solo play or anything like that.

But, I’m a really slow player. And these are timed events. I only just finished the BH 15 challenges with all 4 of my VH’s. It took a loooooong time for me to get all 6 of my VH’s to lvl 72 in bl2 and, yeah sure, there were so many already at OP8 by the time I did but I didnt care. I was freaking proud of it!!!:grin:

But, this could really add some nice spice into an event. Plus I’m really interested in what our old VHers have been up to. :grinning: