Suggestion: In game wiki

The idea of a tutorial for this game has been suggested several times around the Internet.
Reddit especially.
However coding a whole new landscape to explain game mechanics or PvP modes may just be asking to much of the developers with all the work they need to do on the upcoming DLC’s and weekly hotfixs and balances.
But it is really hard for this game to maintain new players because let’s face it. This game is a true gamers dream come true with all the depth and detail to the mechanics. But to the average casual player that makes up 80% of the community of any normal game, well, this game is just to much work.

To the hardcore player, they will love the fact that they have to test out gear in private matches. That they will have to take out a pen, paper, and even a calculator to compare notes. They will relish in the fact that they get to develop new strategies and team competition. Comparing skills and builds of the many different characters to make what they feel is the strongest. They will be more then happy to go online and talk to other people to compare notes and strategies. To talk about their experiences good and bad what they learned about them. What they liked about them. What thy hated about them. Playing the game without playing the game is something the more dedicated type of gamer loves to do. But that is a select few. Most people don’t want to put hours into a game then have to put even more hours outside of the game researching it.

The common casual gamer wants to play a game. They want to understand it easily. They want to pick up a game, and play a few matches. If they lose and don’t understand why, they will look for tools in the game to understand why things went south for them. What they should be doing differently, how the game is played, etc.

Casual gamers don’t want to go online for info, they do not want to comb through forums and reddit posts, they don’t want to go to a player made wiki that has bare bones info, only to be directed to another player made wiki with only slightly more info, which is still all together unreliable.

What they want, and what I think we all need. Is a developer made wiki. In game.
The developers make the rules, they make the game mechanics, they know how they work better then anyone and should be able to explain it all clearly and in great detail.

I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if the developers could make a “INFO” tab as part of the command screen. It would be all the way on the right.
And once you are in the info tab, it would be organized with collapsible folders just like the games challenge screen.
With the first tabs being: story, incursion, meltdown, capture, characters, gear.
Those tabs would break down even further, giving info on maps, missions, the objectives, health of enemies in numerical values, health of shards in mumerical values, health of objectives you need to protect, health of buildables, base stats of characters, Indepth descriptions of gear, a full list of where to find specific gear, a picture of all max value gears available in the game sorted by rarity and type. lowlines has already done exactly this, and has made it actually appear in a way that would fit in the game as well. Many other people have created content that explains the game in more depth.
But it is all scattered. A casual game won’t ever be able to understand this game with how it is now. It is to much work for them, and I don’t blame them, they bought the game just to have fun, not to have as a chore. But if there is no explanations for this in the game, that is how they might see it, a chore. Which will make them just play one of the other games they have sitting on their shelf instead.

So this is why I feel we desperately need a in game wiki, for retaining players and growing out player base. I love this game, i have put a lot of work into learning it and playing it. Which I have had so much fun doing. But my work will go to waste if I can’t get into a match with others.

This game needs a info tab of the command screen with just text and pictures explaining the core mechanics of the game so that everyone can have a easy transition into playing BattleBorn and be able to understand it easily.


This would be great

Idea is great, sure, but if this feature is supposed to be crucial then it would be released with the game on the get go.

My guess is that such a wiki (like the guide in Civilization V called civilopedia or something like that) didn’t hold that much importance when all other areas of the game needed to be operating at its best capacity.

Currently, we need more PvE content, facing matchmaking issues, performance issues, balance issues, and whole slew of other problems that need addressing which I won’t list here.

I love to read, I really do, and I won’t mind reading any material that would get me more immersed or involved with the game. However, such efforts on this endeavor won’t get most of issues the community has been addressing.

Sadly to say, I don’t see this sort of request implemented for the near future.

I don’t feel it should be done near future either. One content and such must come first. But to me, it feels like aproject on the same level as a high schooler making a slide show. It shouldn’t be to terribly difficult to make. And it feels like something they could easily assign to anyone really.
It could be implemented alongside a dlc. It shouldn’t be a focused priority, but this is an entirely different type of player base then those who would play civ.
the civlopedia was what I thought of with this idea of course.
And while this idea is not the most necessary in the now, I think it is necessary for when they have 5 DLC’s out and people still don’t understand jack.

I have a friend who’s been working on a 2d fantasy/medieval MMORPG for the last few years, and the first thing I mentioned to him when he asked for feedback was this same thing (a wiki with some game info). At first he didn’t want to make it because, and I quote, “half the fun of playing games is when the community bands together to make fan sites with such info,” but after a bit of prodding and some feedback on his forums from potential players, he relented and added a little bit of info to the site. It’s bare bones, but it gives players something to look at.

Back to Battleborn, it has just as much content as said game, if not more, but I think we have a decent amount of information already, especially now that GBX is trying to call out some of the great references in their Battleplans.

How is reading in game any different than reading on the disparate sites anyway? Having a central location? Not like they don’t already have some forum-member-created new player guides stickied, right?