SUGGESTION: Instead of forcing us to play maps we dont want to, let us choose the game types we are willing to play AND THEN queue us up

Its how CS:GO does it, its how Rocket League does it, and its a perfect solution to this new matchmaking nightmare.

I Played 8 games last night, all of them were incursion. Now I love incursion, but the 1 or 2 guys that voted Capture or Meltdown who left immediately half the games I played obviously did not.

Please let us just checkmark the game modes we are willing to play in casual and competetive, and then throw us in. That way people who are desperate to find games quick can do so, and those who only like Capture or Meltdown can have their cake as well. I’ve mulled over all the scenarios we could have, and I think this compromise is even better than reverting back, and is what a lot of people meant in the first place when they asked for combined queues.

I know it probably isnt simple, but if the random small team of developers of Rocket League can figure it out, I’m sure GBX could knock it out pretty quick.


I’d be fine with your suggestion. Anything that restores our ability to choose a mode works for me.


Expect long wait times then.


That would be great. Like I stated many times before, I like all modes but sometimes I’m just not up for certain modes due to time restraints or simply lacking interest. Giving me the option to check in the modes I’d be willing to play would be awesome!
At the moment I’m not playing PvP at all because I simply hate being forced into a mode I’m not up to. :c
+1 I approve of this.


are you a pc player? the only time i have experienced bad queue times is when elo used to match very tight shortly after the game came out. that was rough. elo should never be a thing used to matchmake in pubs. that is what slows things down, and what penalizes players for being good. if i want to play competitively, i will assemble a private match, and we have for sure. but you cant force it on people every game. so i do feel that the casual playlist is a great idea, but i really do feel like matchmaking was essentially perfect before this update on console

No problem. I had no issue with long wait times before.

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People who dont want long wait times can que for all modes in casual. It will still be quick for the mere 500 PC players, while the other 95% of the playerbase on consoles will not have these ridiculous restrictions forced on them

This would have been the right implementation, but it would have taken more reworking to do, the elo matching should also have been dynamic; starting out at a width relative to current active users, and widening as time to match increase. Again though, much more reworking then removing or heavily widening it.

These are pretty common sense concepts though, but at least they are trying to do something.

Depends on how many modes people are willing to play. If you will only play one, yeah it will probably be longer. But if people are routinely pulling out of matches after the mode is chosen (and I don’t believe we can have an accurate picture of that from the forums) that makes everything worse for everyone.

And let me add that while I think leaving a match is a terrible thing to do, punishing people is not the answer when you have basically forced them into a mode they never wanted to play.

I suggested the same thing yesterday, letting people check which modes they were willing to play. I don’t know if it will work, but it is worth trying if it can be implemented relatively quickly.

I want better quality matches. That’s my highest priority. If people are routinely leaving, it’s hard to have a quality match.

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Multi-queuing / Constrained-queuing is a good idea.

Here are my only two thoughts:

1. It’s hard to do. This isn’t how matchmaking is setup from an architectural standpoint. It would require at least a partial re-work of matchmaking above and beyond what they did to make the current system. That means that even if they want to do it, and it turns out to be a solid solution, it will take some time to implement.

2. Queue times will get longer for some. People were livid over long queue times a few weeks ago, and I’m afraid that this system will return us to that anger. So many people are saying that they never complained about queue times, and while I believe them (as individuals) that doesn’t deny the fact that there were dozens and dozens of threads about how the “game is dying” because no one “wants to wait 30 minutes to find a game.”

I believe there is a balance point between choice and speed that will make most people happy, and I can tell you right now, we aren’t there yet. Perhaps multi-queuing is a step in the right direction, but at some point, we as the community have to stand up and accept some kind of compromise.


I am forced to play modes I hate, this is not a great motivation to play further this game…

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It’s stupid annoying not being able to play a match because players leave when their choice isn’t picked.

Even more annoying playing outback 3 times in a row when you don’t even want to play that game type.

I dislike the new system.

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[quote=“Kaleidodemon, post:3, topic:1539458, full:true”]
Expect long wait times then.
[/quote]Long wait times is better than them taking a major choice away from us AND people quitting out of games because they wanted to play “mode A”, but got “mode B or C” instead, so you’re a person down and lose the match. I like what the OP is saying… basically how people chose what character they wanted in Evolve. I never had long wait times on X1, it was always 20 seconds to a minute. Long wait times don’t shock me though, since people bought into the Overwatch hype and dismissed this game, so there isn’t a high player count to draw from.

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if gbox can’t make a matchmaking system that works, they need to start filling matches with bots to avoid long wait times and give players a better experience

filling matches with bots will free up their matchmaking system to achieve their goals, instead of breaking due to lack of players

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I know right…

I know everyone hates this comparison BUT…

Overwatch does the same thing with rotating game modes but I don’t mind BC the match is only around 10 mins. Battle born is a much longer commitment and I rather not spend that time on a game mode I’m not interested in.

Yea, I don’t know about this new direction

I never played OW due to lack of interest. 10 minutes is ok, but even that sucks if you want to be critical. It’s still time wasted in a mode you might not like. They should have copied TF2 fully and let people choose a mode hehe

Yeah, but ten minutes compared to thirty in a full Incursion match is less painful. I can imagine that people in OW don’t really care if you dick around in a match, you simply can’t do that in BB since it needs a lot more planning and team play which makes it even less enjoyable when you aren’t up for a certain mode. :disappointed:

Eh, people take overwatch seriously also. It actually ranks you. My friend is ranked in the top 500 players in the world. He gets a special emblem next to his name.

I think that due to the pacing it’s more difficult to tell who is dicking around but it still matters.

Well anyway, yea 30 mins is a long time to wait. What’s even worse in my opinion is that the three of the last five matches ended in surrender. The people on my team were trying to surrender before the first sentry went down. I’m guessing they didn’t want to play incursion at all.

This new system is a clusterfock

for me it would be better if on MP it hid if you were in a team together, didn’t show overall rank as well the maps were picked by game-mode and not map choice.

overall rank should be separate by story and mp. i have a few 100 hours on Story but under 30 on MP.

Yea, ive said the same thing about the rank stuff. I’m not going to lie. When I see someone under 20 on my team I think about leaving. When I see someone under 10…

I definitely leave, especially when I see them in a party of two BC most likely it’s two little kids playing split screen. I just can’t risk that kind of time.