Suggestion - Level up Gear

Hi, this is my first post and I just wanted to share an idea I had. (Apologies if someone already posted an idea like this, I haven’t read much on this forum)

You know that feeling when you find a piece of gear that you really want to use but it’s underleveled? Why not add a system that lets you use eridium, cash or another currency to level up that weapon?

All stats can remain the same except for the Damage (For weapons and grenades), Capacity and Recharge Rate (For shields), and the extra stats on Class mods and Artifacts. Anointed gear would keep their stats as they are recorded as addition percent damage.

This can benefit players through multiple instances:

  1. Gives a reason for players to complete lower level missions and acquire their loot without feeling like a waste of time.
  2. Benefits even max level players as starting a new playthrough can still net you a good item for your main character.
  3. Gives another use for eridium and cash as they are currently useless apart from SDUs, skins and Earl’s machine, and Moxxi’s slot machines.
  4. If the level cap for the game ever increases, players can simply level up their gear rather than refarming them all over again.

Let me know what you guys think, whether Gearbox should add something like this or not. Thanks for your time.