Suggestion: Make all class specific weapon anoints into 1. Anointed Vault hunter

There is a problem that anoints now make weapons that drop class and build specific. This never existed as a problem before and for many people its a large inconvenience. In example u find the perfect version of ur weapon element parts and well its unusuable because of its anointment. I.e. ur flakk and it has a Amara class/tree specific anoint.

I dont see any news or hope that the anoint system will change or be trimmed/be less frustrating for players. As everyone i know has left the game.

I’m trying to be simply helpful and cutdown player frustration by providing the following ideas. I am not asking for support or demanding this change. I just hope that people/devs can see how this at least helps quality of life wise.

Pretty much this.

I would condense. A large amount of class specific weapon and shield anoints Into one anointment. Anointed Vault hunter.

The concept is simple based off what action skill you use you get a buff.

Its so simple and kills off ppl feeling they get a weapon they can not use or isnt for them.

Most anoints are considered bad or … Well… Vendor trash… Or in some ppls case like mine i just pick it up and throw it back in the ground so my loot machine wont pick it up.

The utility anoints need to be condensed/combined and put onto shields instead. That way it never feels as if you are getting a useless anoint that doesnt benefit yoir character.

Enter anointed vault hunter for shields.

Theres other issues yes. But it would lessen the gigantic anoint pool. Also moze and flak really could use better anoints. You could combine lots of ppls anoints into one anoint still would never match some Amara anoints.

I believe they are trying to help make all builds viable and unique. I think this is a great start for just making it easier on ppl.

You get a weapon it should feel useful and viable for your character, not trash. Not someone elses gun.

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Problem I see would be things like, let’s say zane.

Two action skills running can quickly get weird and a bit over the top.

Iron bear stuff for moze.

ASE’s as oposed to ASA or flat bonus.

I get what you are saying and such but I just think the VH’s are so different in action skill implementation it would be a real pain to balance out.

I would LOVE to have a simple anoint for like amara that would activate whatever based on which action skill i used. I just dont really see it happening.

The three other solutions I have seen for the anoint problem is a reroll option or a buy the anoint you wanted kind of like enchanting an item. The third is my prefered which would be to remove all anoints on weapons and instead put them on trinkets so you are temporarily anointing the slot and whatever weapon you put in there would get that anointment.

Not going to go into the full ideas and implementation of all the ideas, there are plenty of other threads to do that.

Still, thank you for brainstorming and trying to make the game better. :sunglasses:

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There is a simple solution to this issue, that doesnt require any balancing or adding some new mechanics ( we all know what happens when GBX tries to :wink:)
Remove the crap annoitments from the game, all of them!


Because of.zanes diminishing returns zanes damage never goes over the top. For superb damage itd be rad 150 or special weapon + 300 90. Which everyone can do. Zane. Has no crit bonus anywhere.

Zanes digiclone is only 130 weapon damage which suffers diminishing returns. Sntnl cryo is his best zane specific anoint and it really isnt that powerful anymore. So i thought about just slightly nerf every zane anointment… But its not even Nessasary when you look at Amara already hitting the damage cap.

Zane such a bad character viability variance in play gearwise. Its just hes invulnerable and can shoot fast getting double shot procs. Only with one class mod.
If they toss that garbage heap a bone id laugh.

She doesnt even need 300>90 she has phaseslam

So talking about balance. I thought about it and well.

Id say… What? No no concern about it being op. We’re not balance police gbx is. And frankly if you ask for something enough they listen.

I just know the anoints are hardcoded into the weapons. At least its doable to homogenize them.

The other stuff u mentioned well… I dunno i like the ideas. Can they do it? At least mines a bridge till a better solution comes?

Everycharacter can dropdown and monarch gravewarden down in seconds with current anoints. Can zane do that? No. But hes invulnerable so he doesnt deserve anything i guess.

I dont care about zane tbh. I dont think even the ppl who made the game do either lol. Heres seeing dead have fun.

Dont get me started. Im laughing irl.

Sorry if it came off as a pro zane thread or I was poo pooing your idea.

I kinda like the idea of a generic anointed vault hunter anointment. Wasn’t overly sure how they would implement it though as the VH’s are using their action skills to severly different levels.

Amara and rakk flak spam those skills, fade away and gamma burst flak not quite as much but still much more than zane or, heaven help her, moze.

There is always going to be a “meta” build or weapon or trick. Always going to be a flavor of the day setup. I like to play all the VH, I have several of each VH with different builds and weapons setups for the style and content I want to play at that time.

Your idea would take some of the randomness out of the pool which I consider good but would, i think, also take some of the diversity out of the builds.

Either way, I guess lets see what they do in the next patch and hope, if we toss enough ideas at them, something will stick. As it is I almost never log into the game at present hoping the next patch will fix this farming issue.

You raise a good point. Then make three different enchants.

Exalted Vault hunter the weapon damage
Utility vault hunter the other stuff
Gimp everyone throws this weapon away because the anoint Vault hunter the actual utilities.