[Suggestion]: Make "Lore" Challenges Centered Around Other Characters "Mutual"

I honestly do not like how many character lore achievements are along the lines of “Be in a group with this specific character X number of times”, or “Kill this specific character X number of times” - it makes them really tedious and absurdly random to try to complete.

My suggestion here is to as at least make the “Be on the same team as X character” challenges mutual, which is to say, have the two characters need each other for their own challenges. As it stands right now in all circumstances, they are only “one way”.

For example, Thorn needs to be in a group with Bolder 5 times to complete her challenge, but Bolder does NOT have a “matching” challenge to be in a group 5 times with Thorn.
Another example is Galilea needs to be in a group 5 times with Ambra, but Ambra does not have a corresponding challenge pertaining to Galilea.

Doing this creates player-to-player incentive to get these challenges done much faster via mutual benefit.

For example, let’s say Player A picks Thorn. Player B then thinks “OH! I can get Bolder’s challenge done!” and picks Bolder, and thus both players gain progress on their own respective challenges, which is mutually beneficial for both of them, and removes some of the randomness from trying to complete these.

Some do have matching (like phoebe and marqis). Others dont and it kind of fits lore (galilea wants to be with ambra but ambra hates her)

It gets worse. There are some which require a LOT of team mates. They are horrific.

Boldur requires ALL Eldrid. All 5 doing that? It’s not going to happen.
Similarly Benedict needs 3 other Peacekeepers.

It’s a little excessive to say the least!

I play with one or two people. This is likely to make these Lore challenges unachieveable.

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Oh man, I haven’t been checking on the challenges yet since unlocking them in the Beta is a little meaningless, but if this is the situation, I don’t think I’ll be touching them in the full release either. I love achievement and challenge hunting, but challenges like this are complete ass and miss the point of challenges completely, I feel.

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Yeah it’s a little disappointing, I was looking at some of the characters that I wanted to use in the main game.
I really enjoyed Benedict but that means I won’t be able to get his final skin :frowning:

Oh well. It wouldn’t be too bad if they made them one other person from your faction, but specific characters or LOTS of faction members mean some characters Lore are probably not going to be completed by a lot of people, where as some others will be Lore completed no problem!!

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Well, to be honest if you get to know people it isn’t that bad. Just ask friends for help. Out of all lore challenges I feel the hardest is Toby’s doublekill with his ultimate. The setup for that just never works. No matter how hard I try, or how many teammates helping I can’t seem to do it.

I honestly was only bringing up some of the ones that are easily fixed/altered… To be fair, I’m REALLY not a fan of how many are “PVP Only” completion, as I’m really not into PVP.

To make matters worse, the character I care about the most and wanted to know the lore about has one of THE most absurd PVP kill challenges: Thorn.

Thorn needs to kill 20 people with Volley WHILE IN THE AIR! Now, while I am pretty much jumping constantly, with Thorn, that does not mean that I am not on the ground a bit, and the challenge detection is also very temperamental, i.e. one match I killed someone with Volley when I’d just started to jump (meaning she was still “grunting”, but I had begun to leave the ground and go up), but the game did not register that one.

Furthermore, it’s VOLLEY! It’s a skill designed around splattering a larger number of enemies! Yeah, it can do LOTS of damage at point blank range, but you REALLY don’t want enemies QUITE that close to ya… =.=

Also, sure: in plain-lore talk if you wanna explain the Galilea-Ambra thing that way, fine (although it doesn’t explain why Ambra doesn’t have a “Frienemies” challenge for Galilea - meaning kill her 25 times).
However, this does NOT work for Thorn and Bolder, who are VERY close (Bolder was almost a surrogate father to Thorn, and was the one who taught her to fight).