Suggestion: Make Players Who Leave Become Bots

Essentially, in PvP, when someone leaves, for any reason, it makes that same character a bot (such as in a private match). For example, if a level 4 El Dragon left the game, put in a level 4 El Dragon bot. If the player returns, then remove the bot. Simple enough.

This way, if someone leaves, it is not a HUGE detriment to the team. Still keep the other punishments for leaving in place, though.

What do y’all think?


I haven’t played with Bots yet, how is the AI?

I would lean towards a buff, like if one person left. The remaining 4 plays would get a 25% buff. If 2 left, then it would be like 66%.

I’ve just surrendered after some one drops. Seems to happen most of the time

No. No. No.

The bot AI in this is atrocious. They wander completely randomly by themselves, they would do nothing but feed.

I’d rather not have them there at all. Seriously.

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We don’t necessarily have to make the bonus they’d receive from killing it as large as a regular player. All that would be needed is to find an adequate compensation for killing it in regards to it’s benefit (which there is some - pressure, minions, turrets, mercs, etc.)

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I like this idea. 5 bodies is generally better than 4.

I definitely want SOMETHING to even it out.

You run into an issue here though. How does the bot level? Does it just get the levels and not take a helix option? If they do take a helix option, what do you do if the player returns? Do you force the helix on them, refund the points, or do you have them start a the level they left at? Also the same for shards and gear purchasing.

Leaving it open I think is the better option. They just need to impose something where the person can’t join another game server while they have a character in a game, while that game is still in progress.

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That is very true. I see both ways.

Yesterday two people on my team dropped out and a team of five still had a hell of a time beating us on overgrowth. If we had just one more competent teammate, not great just competent…we would have won hands down.

Now, against a better team…yea, we would have been feeding them kills but on the other hand a good team would have destroyed our team of three anyway so I guess eitherway the result would be the same in that hypothetical.

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Yes, you do. You can’t have an NPC wandering who gives nothing to the enemy team if they kill them, but still is capable of dealing the same amount of damage as a missing real person.

If it feeds, it handicaps the team missing a player… if it succeeds, it handicaps the team with the advantage… if you give no points to the team for killing it, then it’s a handicap against them because they have to waste time fighting it and get nothing… if you make it worth full points, then it feeds.

A player leaving is a bad situation, adding in an NPC to “fix” it just creates more problems out of a bad situation, no matter how you look at it.

When a character leaves the game is already imbalanced, a bot does not fix this, it’s just a weird bandaid.

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How about this for a solution. A preset helix you can set on a character. Most players only use a hand full of characters so it wouldn’t be difficult. If you drop out for whatever reason the bot uses your preselection. When you come back you take over where the bot left over.

I honestly don’t care if the guy that drops out gets screwed BC it’s really his team that suffers but it is one possible solution.

They are introducing auto-helix as an option in the future. But that is as an option. I know when I play I vary which Helix I choose sometimes based on who is on the other team. That is the point of the Helix, to have an option. Sure, maybe in Incursion you always use the same helix setup with a certain character, but that may not be the same in the other modes.

Really though, if all of you who are tired of having people leave your games, find people to play with on a team of 5. I’ve seen plenty of people getting play groups on these forums alone. Its not that hard. Go make friends!

Not being able to join another game while you are still in a game with another character would be a good start.
If you get disconnected you can always rejoin that game.

I think most other MOBA titles do this (I know FPS titles do not).

Yea, it’s not meant as a catch all. It would just be possible solution as to how a bot would respond.

As far as making friends that is a solution with a predicable schedule, like for a student. Most adults I know play for 30 mins to an hour at a time at various hours. It makes if difficult to find a team that is going to be cool with that. I know BC I’m on the other end. I have four friends with the game and they all have kids and it’s a chore to get them all on at the same time. Hardly ever happens.

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You’re assuming that out of an immense number of options, Gearbox wouldn’t or it couldn’t balance it. I think otherwise. Either way, a player leaving is a huge disadvantage and needs to be balanced. This is one solution that wouldn’t require too much effort.

As for the guy saying to just find a group of 5, that’s not fixing the problem, but ignoring it.

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You can’t balance it… across the wide-breadth of skill in any PVP game, you can’t balance it. I’ve never seen a single game that was “balanced” using bots. The moment I can’t tell a bot from a real player, then they’ll be fine, but they either always under-perform or over-perform their human counterparts, one way or another… and an under-performing bot to one player can be an over performing bot to another.

The problem is that people are leaving your group, not that bots don’t drop in to help out/hinder you after it happens. You fix this with punishments for leaving (timers that prevent you from re-queuing, losing XP gains for short periods of time, etc.) Plugging a bot in the hole creates more problems, it doesn’t solve one.

Realistically, they won’t be implementing this anyway, but I assure you, it’s certainly not going to help keep a match balanced.

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No bots. I’d rather have nothing. I’ve actually had two matches where we were losing badly because of one crappy player, and once they left we were able to come back and win 4v5. Adding an AI bot would have made this impossible.

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I have played with people that I would have rather replaced by a bot. Sure A.I.s might be dumb but in their dumbness at least they are somewhat predictable.

I take it you haven’t played with the bots in this game.

They didn’t spend a lot of time on them. It shows. Like the bots randomly hanging out at double thralls for a few minutes… while the sentry dies… and there are no thralls there.

There’s nothing “predictable” about the AI, and I certainly don’t want them wasting time developing bot AI for the two or three games a night where I have a player drop. I’d much rather them add more content.

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Actually the best way to fix imbalanced teams would be to buff the side that has less players, either by increasing levels or increasing their damage or some other stat.