SUGGESTION: mode where characters arent UNIQUE

maybe some people would like to play with 3 marquis on their team. plz add the option for players to play pvp without charactewr limitations. thanks.

ALL Oscar Mikes!

Attack of the clones!

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Yea no. Let’s not get rid of one of the only layers of coordination.


Isn’t there a turn off unique heroes option for private play?

Though special pvp modes for certain setups could be nice. Like the forementioned attack of the clones mode.

I’m pulling this idea from Smite, but we should have a “Match of the Day” mode. Every day, there would be new conditions on the mode and maybe new maps. One day it might be Overgrowth, the next day might be Temples.

Some condition ideas:

  • All 1 single hero (ex. All Oscar Mike, all Miko, all ISIC, etc)
  • All 1 single class (ex. All tank, all brawler, etc)
  • 80% cooldown reduction on abilities
  • All random heroes (you can’t choose what you can play)
  • Everything is free (buildables, elite bots, gear)
  • All 1 single hero vs another team of single hero (ex. All Attikus vs all Ambra)
  • Two heroes vs two heroes (ex. Teams of Oscar Mikes and Montanas vs other teams of Oscar Mikes and Montanas)
  • 50 health regen per second

Some other thoughts:
Extra force: All knockback abilities (including off-melee and movement abilities) does extra knockback
Speed Run: EVERYTHING is hastened: movement, reload, charge speed, etc
Flash: Movement speed hasted
Bullet Time: All projectiles are significantly slowed. All hitscan attacks now uses projectiles.
Shardstorn: Shards fall all over the place with warning markers. Anything outside of sentries at target location takes heavy damage.
Super Minions: All minions are now very deadly, though less of them spawn at a time.
Hostile Capture: Staying inside your team’s capture zone does increasing damage.
Empty World: Shards no longer spawn. Enemy heroes and minions drops extra shards.

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Five Kleeses, 20 energy rifts, 480 HP per second. Yeah, let’s not do that.