Suggestion: Moze skill changes

I think desperate measures should have it skill changed from dealing more damage the lower your HP to dealing more damage the higher your shield. This would make using thin red line, phalanx doctrine, shield recharge rates, deathless artifact, vampyr skill and the bloodletter com work better and more align with her skills.

Suddenly throwing grenades, keeping the shield topped off and using shields with high capacity but virtually no health would work a little better. If they could make a skill or change the way health gating works for shields it would make a world of difference.

Skills like Click, click, click seem to be counter productive with what moze wants to accomplish with the bottomless mags skill tree. Why does her damage increase when her clip get lower? Shouldn’t it get higher as she maintains a full clip? The skill is so far down the skill tree to be this counter productive.

The Vampyr skill only heals on grenade damage but Moze is all about splash damage too. The skill is her ONLY way to heal health which also doesn’t help a big shield and it requires you to keep throwing grenades that quickly run out unless you happen to have a cloning maddening tracker then it just runs out a little slower. Her grenade regeneration rate is bad if you use anything less than that one grenade. Which limits her play style. Maybe upping the regeneration rate would help. At launch you could get a unlimited supply of grenades with hexes and storm fronts but they have changed how they work so that doesn’t help anymore.

Torgue cross promotion just gets you killed. Its one of her worst skills because it makes her unpredictable. When you throw something that explodes you want to know how big the explosion is going to be. Instead make Torgue cross promotion deal more damage per hit. Also why don’t we have Atlas cross promotion to occasionally have non homing grenades home, or Tediore specific perks?

Another possible change could be to allow anointment’s tailored to work while inside IB instead of action skill end or more on grenade throw skills on shields or weapons also. Since we throw grenades as much as amara looks at the ground and phaselocks.

Finally my last though would be to make IB come to your side like a R4KK does for FL4K where he rushes in and does something then leaves as an alternate skill press. We dont need to jump in and out all the time. Its bad timing, the cooldowns on some ASE skills are already fadings when we are out and whats the point? Her cooldown is the worst of all VH’s anyways so spamming her skill is harder. IB should just be able to rush out, slam into someting you targeted and knock it on its ass then leave or fire a burst of something then take off. At least give us options.

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Some good points :slight_smile:
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