(Suggestion) New annointment Vendor!

I’d like too see an annointment vendor, that we can use Eridium on.
It would allow us to add an annoitment to guns that don’t have 1, and for those rare quest items you can get (So we don’t have to keep running the story over and over too get 1), and also for event items where we didn’t get any annointment.
This could also allow a reroll of annointments on guns we have.
Maybe we could have a really high eridium cost to get the 1 we want, or a smaller cost for a random.
this would at least make Eridium much more usefull long term!
If not this then can we get the option to replay individual side missions so that we can have a chance of getting the rare quest rewards with annointments at the least!(Without having to go through the whole story multiple times)

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I’d like to see an anointment vendor as well, but I think it should be limited to level 60 Mayhem 10 weapons and/or those which can only be obtained once in the game via quest. The vendor should charge, say, 1 million gold, and the change should be different but random, so that you may have to do it a number of times to get the annoint you want.

They’re working on a solution for this problem.

We want to ensure players have a use for all the Eridium they’ve collected throughout the galaxy. The Veteran Rewards machine will receive a shipment of mission-specific rewards that players can redeem once a mission ends.