Suggestion: New titles

I just wanted to throw out the idea of more titles. There are so many things you could get new accomplishments for. Personally I’d love to see a Platinumed trophy for people who got every trophy (ps4). Any other suggestions? @joekgbx are there more titles on the way?

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Additional titles are something we talk about here and there and adding more is a possibility. I’m sure we’d love to keep an eye on this thread to see what you guys come up with. :slight_smile:


Having something that shows you are a true master of a character like winning 50 or even maybe a 100 matches with said character. Also, make the title unique and awesome sounding like the Galactic Champion title for El Dragon. The “Master of” titles are all the same and bland. When you have the same title across 27 battleborn, and some them have absurdly easy lore challenges, they start to lose some of their meaning.

It would also be nice to have tiltes that relate to a certain core aspect of a character like the lore challenges do but on a greater scale. Some examples would be deal 1 million damage with frag grenade to minions for OM in PvP, heal 1 million hp with Miko’s heal beam in PvP, take 500k damage with Boldur’s shield in PvP, heal players for more than 1k hp 100 times for Alani in PvP. Of course, there would also be PvE equivalents for these titles as having PvE and PvP combined would skew the perception others would have about your achievement.

Personally I’d like a “random title” option (which I suggested in another thread) to randomly choose a title from those available for each game.

One title I’d like to see removed is Old Man Cranky - I don’t think the game should be encouraging pub stomping, which this does (win Capture by 1000 - 0).


I would personally love a title for mastering every character in a faction. “Master of Rogues”, “Master of Eldrid”, etc.


Y’know how there’s a title for having 25 quad kills in PVP? Well what if they added a title for getting 25 penta kills?..

‘God of Battleborn’, ‘That which has no life’, ‘Team slayer’, Fives spectacular’, etc

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Double Double - kill 10 bb and get 10 assists in a sinle match
The cycle - kill an enemy bb with a skill, attack, ultimate, and fast melee in a match

I also like above posters idea od master if factions

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I’d wanna suggest this too, but not really a “master of…” as there’s too many of those already. Maybe something more unique–as that’s a grind.

I’d like as many references as possible as well. Killing so many enemies with “it’s dangerous to go alone” could get you something along the lines of “hero of time” or maybe “another link in the chain” or better yet “no damn it, I’m not Zelda.”. Or simply “Legend of Galilea.”


Insect Repellent for killing so many Swarmers offspring. :smirk:


Ooo, I like that idea, especially the Zelda one.


The Coopetition title encourages something similar. I agree that the game shouldn’t have these kind of titles. It seems kinda like the problem with the kill lore challenges pre-patch. It almost forces you to go out of your way to complete them and ruin the fun of one team or the other.


I’d love to see some titles for the exceptionally exclusive and ridiculously tedious challenges like “Kill 50k Varelsi” (so damn close) or “Kill 5k Ronin”. Honestly though, some of these challenges need major tweaking, or much higher rewards (like a legendary pack), because I have 800 hours in the game and most of that is PvE, and I’ve only killed 2.2k/5k Ronin, or 1.2k/5k Deadeye, or 15k/50k indigenous. I’ve just only finished 1k Rocketeer and 500 Bulwark last week, while I’ve had Jennerit enemies at 100% for ages. But that’s for another thread.

Some other ones could be “Situational Awareness” for getting X environment kills (Knock enemies off the world, blow them up with a shard barrel, shoot a dropped thrall bomb to detonate it early on another enemy, etc), “Cakewalk”/“Too Easy” for completing a 5-man Advanced Hardcore mission without any deaths or revives, or some titles for multiple masteries, like “Master of Ten” for mastering ten characters, or “Master of Solus” for mastering the original cast (once you have multiple characters mastered, “Master of X” loses a lot of meaning IMO).

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•Buy 100 common packs - “Dumpster Diver”

•Buy 100 uncommon packs - “Poppin’ Tags!”

•Buy 100 rare gear packs - “SPECIAL LITTLE SNOWFLAKE!”

•Buy 100 epic gear packs - “…NOW WE HERE!”

•Buy 100 of a specific faction pack - “Reppin’ LLC/Eldrid/Jenerrit/etc…”

This would soften the blow when you Buy 90 common packs trying to get one specific piece of broken gear or skin/taunt and don’t f¤¤¤ing get it after weeks and weeks of buying that same pack over and over again.

And of course I also want a tittle for mastering all the current characters in a specific faction

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A set of titles I’m disappointed that aren’t in the game are something like “Master of Rogues - Master all Rogue characters” and the variants for all the other factions, including “Master of Battleborn” for mastering all Battleborn. It’ll give some people incentive to actually go through and try to master every character. Plus it’d be nice to be rewarded for mastering an entire faction.

Yeah Master of a faction needs to happen for sure! Could make the title just the name of the faction.

give us incentive to master a faction man

My incentive to master one faction at a time (finished off the Eldrid, just need to get Deande from 11 to 15 to finish off the Jennerit) is that I don’t have to experience as much whiplash going from one character to another because each faction tends to have at least some aspect of their characters that keeps them thematically linked. Also, it’s a nice way to organize change up roles and playstyles while I master each character (which I also do one at a time).

It wouldn’t really matter to me whether the second tier master titles were for mastering characters in increments of 5 or mastering entire factions (mastering an entire faction would be problematic when a new character for that faction is released because they’d need to rescind the title until you mastered the new character or else the game doesn’t count the character in that faction as part of that faction). I’d just like there to be some titles for mastering a number of characters.

This is MY house: Kill X enemy battleborn while inside of their base (with an active sentry).

Well they could just have the Master of Faction titles work towards the core characters instead of the DLC ones or wait until all the DLC characters are dropped so that wouldn’t be an issue.


  1. God of Texting - Spend an entire match doing nothing but typing messages to your teammates.
  2. Suicide Squad - Have each member of your team kill themselves twice in a single round.
  3. Orendi’s B**ch - Get killed by Orendi 25 times in a single PVP match.
  4. Insult Master - Use every taunt in the game in PVP matches (excluding Platinum taunts) at least once.
  5. Orendi’s Bottom B**ch - Get killed by Orendi 50 times in a single PVP match.
  6. Kill Stealer - Steal 100 kills from other players in PVP.
  7. Rage Quitter - Rage quit 1,000 PVP matches.
  8. I’m Sexy and I Know It - Spend 24 hours straight looking at a single character you’ve mastered in the command menu.
  9. C*ck Blocker - Prevent Benedict, Toby, or Ernest from killing a teammate who is under 100 health 500 times.
  10. Orendi’s Gimp - Get killed by Orendi 100 times in a single PVP match.

Now, fun game… which of these suggestions are jokes, and which are to be taken seriously?

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