Suggestion: New titles

1 and 7 seem rediculous.

6 and 9 seem too specific to be measured.

2 just sounds a little too dumb.

4 and 8…actually don’t seem too farfetched.

And 3, 5, and 7…do you need to talk to someone about some personal issues or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

(I hate double posts…)

Or group the dlc characters together for a master of newcomers

Even that

While I cannot confirm or deny your answers as that would ruin my little game… I can say… I have no intense, crippling, emotional issues involving Orendi. That I know of…

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I can see your psychological scars from orbit. Speaking of being in orbit, it’s cold up here. And I’m hungry. Can someone bring me a sandwich? And a blanket? And maybe a ship so I can leave orbit? Maybe a spacesuit first. That’s probably why it’s so cold. Also, I need to remind myself not to confuse the airlock and the toilet.

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