Suggestion: Per-Character Default Loadout


The suggestion is simple - Battleborn can have a default skin and a default taunt. It would be nice if we could also select a default loadout for each Battleborn.

Sometimes you forget, sometimes you run out of time, sometimes you’re up and afk, and even if none of that is going on, it would just make things a bit easier.

And speaking of loadouts … for the love of Solus, can you please fix the inventory UI bug? I’m really tired of clicking on an item in my gear bank only to have the screen jump and select some other item on a totally different bank page. I really don’t understand why this bug still exists. It’s been around since day 1, it’s super-annoying, and just plain messy - not what we’ve come to expect from Gearbox.


Like the idea. Have not experienced or even heard of the bank page bug.

I do have an issue where some of my gear disappears and the DLC characters become locked and I have to restart the game though.

The bank page bug is a UI issue, so it might be PC-only, but essentially, you click on an item in the gear bank, and the window scrolls up or down, normally selecting an item in the same column but different row of the item you originally clicked on. You then, obviously, need to scroll up / down to find the item you wanted and click on it again. Once it has happened once, any other clicking in the gear page works as it should, but clicking into a loadout or a gear pack will “reset” the bug, and the next click back into the gear bank will misfire again.

On PS4. Yep, probably PC specific.

I sent a support ticket to Gearbox regarding the Gear Page UI, waiting for a response now.
Hopefully it’ll be fixed asap. I presume the reason it’s been in the game so long is that it’s a PC specific issue and we’re obviously not a priority.

Great idea like, but for further clarification… Gear loadouts being able to equip the character in their Command Screen…

But I would even take a Warning Screen or Notification that reminds me to select the proper load out.

…This is annoying, what I do now is click anything below before scrolling.
That seems to reset whatever causes that bug.

reliikki - did you get an answer to your ticket?

"Thank you for getting back with us with the information for your bug report regarding the Gear Page.

We will do the best that we can to investigate this, however we currently have no eta on when this will be knocked out. "