[suggestion] Pick up as junk button

I play another game that has a ‘pick up as junk’ feature that marks an item as junk as you pick it up. I think this would be very useful to clear the field of legendaries you know you don’t want. Thanks!


From the stream just before the Maliwan Takedown went live.

“There’s limited buttons on console” - gearbox
The L3 button (sprint) does literally nothing when stopped or walking + has the same marking feature in the inventory ui (atleast on ps4)


I was very happy with TPS’ “sell all non favorite items” button in vendors actually…


Yes. This. 2 buttons at vendor; “sell all junk” and “sell all non-favorite”. Everyone wins.

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honestly make it a settings option where you always pick up as junk and mark the ones you want as favorites

and non legendaries when you need some cash boost
i’d also love a option for more sorting in my inventory like favorites vs trash vs no mark. a most used sort would be great too

I just logged in (first time) just to make suggestion like this (pick up as junk). Where do we stand with this? Was there any official decision to reject this? (as I don’t see this feature in the game)

Also, while reading this thread I noticed some very good ideas. @Tramonto mentioned “Sell all non favorite items” button which seems feasible and easy to implement. @Vizard suggested to make an option to always pick up as junk which would work exactly the same. Still, additional button in vendors seems better.

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