(suggestion) Pre-sequel DLC, Charon

So we all had the critique of the inconsistent way respawns are used through the story. Some characters don’t come back to life, while the vault hunters use the respawn station of the faction they are fighting.

So my suggestion is a character named Charon, the ultimate hacker (mr universe, from serenity(firefly)), who hacked and controls the respawn stations. He’s not out for power, he has money, a hacked robot army and he can sit in his chair the whole day. So he cannot be bought with money, because he has all he needs. To persuade him you’ll have to come with vintage collectors items, sex or live performances of bands.

A few things about respawn stations.

  1. You have to pay a fee to scan yourself, to register
  2. You need to pay a fee to respawn.
  3. Vault hunters are funded by their client (hammerlock, lilith, jack), to be able to respawn when they are out of money
  4. soldiers, henchmen, minions are also covered by their leader, so they depend on their leader.
  5. Charon lifted all the blocks from persons to respawn.
  6. Charon still needs to do some hard work, to re-block a person from respawning.

So the DLC will include how Jack was able to persuade Charon to block Roland and Lilith from respawning.

I would suggest Jack forcing Angel to go on a date with Charon. Whoring her out with be too much, but a forced date still creates some more rebellious feelings.

Charon contacted Lilith about the block, and she showed her boobs, or got him a live performance from a band or something in return to unblock, and keep silent to Jack.

In case of Angel, Angel is still a better hacker, but she had no idea of the block on Roland. She blocks herself from respawning. (after she is dead, roland dies, so yeah)

But anyway, this would explain why some characters stay dead and others not.
The DLC could include some more internet and hacking pop-culture references, while fighting hacked loaders. Recordings of how the other permadeaths were settled.

New-U stations aren’t canon. They don’t exist except as a game mechanic.


still it would be nice, that there was an explanation, and that it would fit in the world.